Guide to buying real estate overseas

Investment | 23 Dec, 2019 |

Purchasing real estate overseas offers many great benefits. This includes the opportunity to earn extra income abroad, achieve investment diversity, and secure your future financial goals. An overseas property can also provide you and your family with the perfect vacation home to spend quality time together and make unforgettable memories. With this in mind, here is a complete guide to buying real estate overseas.

Research different locations

You may have always dreamed of owning a beachfront property in the Caribbean or buying a charming country house in the south of France. However, you should take the time to consider a variety of different locations before purchasing a property abroad. It’s crucial that you do your research and invest in a location where property values are expected to rise. If you’re planning on renting your property, then you must choose a location that is popular with tourists year-round, or you risk your property being empty for most of the year. Remember that choosing a location close to home will make it much more convenient and affordable for you and your family to visit.

Some of the top locations to purchase real estate near the United States include Barbados, Brazil, Panama, and Croatia. These locations are extremely popular with tourists and offer an excellent range of properties to suit every budget. For instance, offers a huge variety of villas, condos, and vacation homes in the stunning surroundings of Costa Rica.

Seek professional assistance

Purchasing real estate overseas can be complex and each country has different property rules and regulations that apply to foreigners. Keep in mind that many countries allow foreign investors to purchase property, but this does not automatically grant you the right to live or work in that country. You should therefore always seek advice from an expert to ensure that you understand what the process will involve. Firstly, you should contact a local property attorney to get advice on legal matters before you purchase real estate abroad. Secondly, you should consider hiring an international real estate agent. They will be able to explain the local market to you, guide you through the process of buying real estate overseas, and ensure that you get the best deals. 

Consider your finances options

When you purchase a property abroad, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to secure a local mortgage. If you do get accepted for a mortgage, then you will often be required to pay a much higher interest rate and a larger deposit. For that reason, many foreign investors choose to purchase real estate using cash payments. Paying in cash will help speed up the process and ensure that you get the best deals. If you don’t have cash available, then you do have several other options to finance an overseas property. For example, you may be eligible for developer financing in certain countries. Or, you could apply for a self-directed IRA if you are planning on using your purchase as a rental or investment property.

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