New York Real estate seems to be rising at a fast rate and Brooklyn is taking a huge chunk of the gains.

Over the past 3 years the hospitality industry in the US has risen to a new peak, recording up to $200 billion in revenue for the year 2018. And of this lot, boutique hotels have taken up most of the earnings as a certain group of loyal customers have shown interest in what they offer.

The Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn has especially been of main focus for hotel investors, a fact that can be attributed to the many attractions that it has to offer around it.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Provides one with a sense of history right from the days of the word war.

Coney Island

This provides an excellent amusement park for visitors that decide to come with their family and kids.

Brooklyn Bridge

Was inaugurated in 1883 and today still stands as an icon having being the first of its kind connecting two major towns.

Brooklyn museum

Finds itself as one of the United States most distinguished places given the rich history that it hosts.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Provides a serene environment for a visitor to relax after a long day.

All these are some of the main attractions that visitors seem to fancy whenever they are in Brooklyn and have so far been able to see an increase in the number of tourists coming to there.

The Condor hotel is one example of an excellent boutique hotel located in Williamsburg offering unique customer services and attractive sites for visitors who choose to stay there.

The Condor, which was initially intended to serve the Jewish Orthodox and quirks, and even had a no TV in bedrooms rules has reinvented itself to adapt to the modern times. When you visit the hotel you will, however, still have a chance to see the many orthodox Jews that live within the neighborhood and get to learn their culture. The multiple attraction sites around it also a walking distance away, making it a very convenient accommodation choice for visitors.

This hotel, finds itself surrounded by cafes, shops, restaurants that offer various traditional meals that one can choose from, and easy to access public transportation. It is the perfect spot for someone who doesn’t want to wonder far for something that he or she needs.

With the many the many attractions that lie close to the Condor hotel, visitors have been able to pay as much as $500 a night just so that they can enjoy the multiple sceneries without having to wonder far. The Brooklyn bridge, for instance, provides a beautiful view at night and visitors can enjoy it while sitting at the hotel’s garden.

With people constantly looking for places to unwind during the holidays, boutique hotels have been able to find favor in the real estate business and have also gained a lot (especially in Brooklyn) with the new government bills.