Del Mar, a beach city in California, was initially developed as a resort town for the wealthy. Over the years, it has slowly transformed into a commercial hub, with employment increasing with the growing population. The city lies just by the Pacific and offers magnificent views of the ocean, making it a perfect spot to live and work. If you are looking forward to acquiring an office space for rent Del Mar, here are some of the amenities which you should look for.

1. Conference Facilities

The office space that you choose in Del Mar should have top-notch conference facilities. Being a beach town had its advantages- delegates from various parts of the country will love to hold annual meetings and conferences. A well-lit conference room, with a view of the ocean, will be an added plus. It should be large enough to accommodate additional members during an event to have no space shortage when holding larger meetings.

2. Reliable WiFi

This is a must for any office space in Del Mar. Del Mar is well-populated but not overly so. There might be instances when you have to conduct video conferences with off-site offices as well. You might have to conduct remote interview sessions with potential employees or arrange a meeting at short notice with a vendor or a potential investor. Del Mar is a little out of the way, tucked away beside the ocean. It will help if you stay connected with the rest of the people who are a part of your business operations’ various aspects at all times. And it would help if you very much had excellent internet connectivity for that.

3. Good Parking and Transportation

When choosing an office space in Del Mar, ensure ample parking space and commuting to the office premises are not a problem. Lately, Del Mar has had issues with their transport system due to climate change. Some roads were reportedly submerged underwater, and the transport infrastructure has been affected due to coastal erosion. Such hindrances should not get in the way when someone is trying to commute to your office so choose the premises very carefully.

4. Fitness Center and Outdoor Spaces

The employees and delegates will be at their productive best when they also have ample room to relax. Sitting in front of computers for long hours has never done anyone any good. The people working in the office should stretch their legs and clear their heads from time to time, which is why the office should have some designated areas for relaxation.

A gym or fitness center will keep the fitness freaks happy and involved during breaks, while others can go for a walk in vast outdoor spaces. A rooftop with seating arrangements with views of the ocean in the distance would be perfect in Del Mar. It would help if there were a restaurant or a café inside the premises so that the employees would not have to step outside every time they wanted to grab a bite. Some greenery would be very welcoming, with the trees swaying in the sea breeze blowing in from the ocean.

5. Eco-friendly Premises

When looking for an office space to rent in Del Mar, it would help if it is a green-certified building and supports sustainability. You should insist on this amenity as much as possible. Del Mar is also struggling with climate change, so office buildings that use eco-friendly options are the best. You would be contributing to the community by renting eco-friendly spaces.

Green-certified office spaces are naturally well-lit with high glass windows, reducing dependency on artificial lighting. With ample sunshine hitting the beach city, the office building should ideally use solar energy for all its needs. There should be charging points for electric vehicles, and wastes generated should go straight to recycling plants.

6. Security

Most importantly, the office premises should be secured against all threats, both physical and cyber. Del Mar is considered a safe city, with much rich and wealthy living here. Nevertheless, there should be guards located at strategic points on the premises, with CCTV monitors covering every inch of the ground. The building’s internet network should have strong firewalls, and there should be power backup generators to prevent the systems from going offline. No matter how many amenities the premises have, the workers will never give their best if they do not feel safe, which is of utmost importance.

You will find the perfect office space to rent in Del Mar by keeping these points in mind, and working in this beach city will be a source of absolute bliss and joy. Finally, you can rest assured of the growing productivity of employees who can contribute to your business excellence.