Here are 11 of the coolest offices in the Valley

Real Estate | 23 Sep, 2019 |

The coolest offices of today are the product of decades of trial and error in how the spaces are decorated and designed. We’ve seen trends come and go, but one constant remains: Functionality.

Modern employees spend more time than ever at their workplace, and these offices reflect that trend. The spaces are more inviting, more comfortable and more flexible. Modern office spaces allow employees to get a workout and a shower in at the office, cook a meal and even have a little fun from time to time. All these functions are available without sacrificing production.

We have gathered below examples of these modern, functional offices in Phoenix and tried to learn what makes them cool and a pleasure to work at.

digg clubhouse at CIS

General Contractor: RBI

Architect/Designer: digg CIS, The Interior Construction Division

Location: 3311 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix

Size: 1,035 square feet

Value: $ 275,000 (includes furniture, DIRTT and

GC scope)

Start/Completion: November 2018-February 2019

Why it’s awesome: The digg clubhouse at CIS is an area that was previously under-utilized warehouse support for Corporate Interior Systems. The design-assist focused team needed an environment which fostered the creative collaboration while utilizing the current capabilities of DIRTT’s Solutions. The result is a timber mezzanine that provides storage, phone room, reading nook and elevated meeting space, all wrapped with the integrated solutions, millwork and integrated technology. The studio has an area of 840 square feet and provides designated stations for six, meeting area for eight and soft seating for 12; all in a modern, comfortable and adaptable environment.

Elevation Marketing

Owner: Nationwide Realty Investors

General Contractor: Jokake Construction

Architect: (Interior) McCarthy Nordburg

Brokerage: Lee & Associates

Location: 275 E. Rivulon Blvd., Gilbert

Size: 7,186 square feet

Start/Completion: January 2018-August 2018

Why it’s awesome: In order for Elevation’s employees to effectively deliver results they must be able to create and collaborate with other team members, and the agency’s office space is designed exactly for that. Elevation’s office features a large, open concept with desk pods, along with five meeting rooms of varying sizes to maximize collaboration and communication between departments. Elevation’s office also features a kitchen and lounge area, allowing for a nice change in the environment to enhance creativity and relaxation. Lastly, the collaborative work space offers several sources of natural light illuminating the office and allowing employees to stay focused and engaged throughout the work day. Some of the things Elevation’s employees love most about the office are the spacious kitchen which is perfect for office events or socializing on lunch breaks, the natural lighting which creates a more uplifting environment, and the open desk space which allows employees to easily collaborate creating a genuine community throughout the office.

Concord General Contracting

Owner: Concord General Contracting, Inc.            

General Contractor: Concord General Contracting, Inc.

Architect: iDesigns

Location: 2240 W. Broadway Rd., Suite 105, Mesa

Size: 14,000 square feet

Value (or cost of the project): $1 million

Start/Completion: August 2018-November 2018

Why it’s awesome: Take a walk through the Concord General Contracting office and you will see the company brand come alive through thoughtfully chosen bright colors, materials, and group spaces that represent a team that is “Building Collaboration” on a daily basis. Nothing about the office is traditional by intention — the space is filled with natural light, ability to throw open the overhead doors to enjoy the outdoors, no closed office space, and a fitness space promoting healthy living.


Owner: Douglas Allred

General Contractor: Willmeng Construction

Architect: Phoenix Design One

Locations: Germann and Cooper, Chandler

Size: 38,000 square feet

Start/Completion:  September 2018-March 2019

Why it’s awesome: Offerpad moved into its new space in March of 2019 after substantial growth made it a necessity to find a new work environment. The new office is a fully Offerpad-designed space that showcases brand identity. It has all the space the company needs with room to grow. The modern space is meant to feel like home, with sofas in meeting and lounge spaces, “family” photos on the walls, and even home names for meeting spaces like the “Living Room,” “Workshop,” and “Sundeck” — a floating mezzanine in the center of the building. It’s an open floorplan that allows collaboration and there are also many rooms and nooks to hold meetings and huddles. Dave Haroldsen, Head of Brand at Offerpad and lead on the headquarters’ design, explained, “We like to see our people as a family. Everyone comes in every day expecting to work toward their goals and the way we want to encourage that is by creating a comfortable home environment that helps them take on the company’s mission — which is centered on happy customers having excellent home experiences. We really wanted to bring that part of our brand to life for our employees and visitors.”

LGE Design Build Headquarters

Owner: LGE Design Build

General Contractor: LGE Design Build

Architect: LGE Design Build

Location: 1200 N. 52nd St., Phoenix

Size: 22,000 square feet

Value: $4.3 million

Start/Completion: July 2018-May 2019

Why it’s awesome: This project exemplifies the excellence of LGE Design Build’s work. Built from scratch, the project was built with LGE Design Build’s workflow in mind, from design to accounting. The space includes a large gym with frequent instructor-led classes, a large break area with cold brew on tap, an outside area with cornhole and other yard games, several custom artworks throughout, vintage Jeep models, breakout conference and private call rooms and much more.

Rose + Moser + Allyn

Owners: Jason Rose, Jennifer Moser

General Contractor: hardison/downey

Architect: Pinnacle Design, Inc. 

Location: 7144 E. Stetson Dr., Suite 400, Scottsdale

Size: 2,000 square feet

Value (or cost of the project): $200,000

Why it’s awesome: Is this what Alice sees when she peers through the looking glass? As you approach the entrance, you have to make a choice of how to enter this uniquely imaginative PR firm’s world, which will determine your destiny. Your experience will be pure adventure without conformity. Every individual can take a magical “trip” through the space. Welcome to the tea party!

Shepley Bulfinch

Owner/Developer: Geddes and Company

General Contractor: Chasse Building Team

Architect (Original): W.A. Sarmiento

Architect for Renovation: Shepley Bulfinch

Location: 3443 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

Size: 9,000 square feet

Brokerage Firm: Cassidy Turley/BRE Commercial LLC

Value: $517,000

Completion: 2014

Why it’s awesome: Occupying the revitalized mid-century iconic building designed by noted architect, W.A. Sarmiento, the Shepley Bulfinch studio is an awe-inspiring space. The modernized design has expansive dimensions, with the ground floor serving as the studio space and a former bank vault reimagined as a gallery. The spherically shaped building is encircled by floor-to-ceiling windows that hug the light, nature and the bustle of downtown, and keeps the Shepley Bulfinch team energized all day. The open floor space has a combination of desks, couches, roundtables and conference rooms. A monumental staircase leads to a mezzanine where events, all office gatherings, or casual conversation over lunch can take place — stimulating connection and creativity, and promoting a thriving collaborative culture. And the proximity to the light rail makes it easily accessible. Fun fact: the space once served as a movie set.

DLA Piper

Owner: LBA Realty

General Contractor: SAB – Southwest Architectural Builders, Inc.

Architect: Gensler

Location: 2525 E. Camelback Rd.,  Esplanade II, Suite 1000, Phoenix

Size: 23,000 square feet

Start/Completion: Fall 2018-Summer 2019

Why it’s awesome: The new office presents the latest in technology and office enhancements, as well as a bright and open atmosphere, to meet the needs of the next generation of clients and the lawyers who serve them. Key features include: • An expanded lobby and reception area to host firm, charitable and educational activities; • An enhanced “telepresence” capability linked to all DLA Piper offices around the world and to major clients; • A group-focused café that is an attractive location for lawyers and employees; • Multiple and divisible conference areas and caucus rooms providing the latest in modular arrangements with state-of-the-art sound-proofing; • Office additions to facilitate the growth of the office and to handle the ever-increasing visits from out-of-state lawyers and clients; and • Improved offices, work stations (in every office the desks raise on hydraulics to accommodate a standing position), and other features targeted at collaboration across offices.


Owner: Excel Trust

General Contractor: TK Interior Construction Company

Architect: AAD:FITCH, Inc.

Location: 16435 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 195, Scottsdale

Size: 18,826 square feet

Completion: April 2007

Why it’s awesome: The FITCH office is an architectural and interior design studio that serves some of the world’s most notable brands. The company designed its own space in The Promenade, and the office tells the FITCH company story through vignettes and physical ‘nods’ to its history. For example, FITCH was founded in London in 1972, so there is a very real double-decker bus in the lobby that serves as a conference room, and has a lounge area on top. The office also received a LEED certification for “Commercial Interiors” when originally completed.

GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc.

General Contractor: Westpac

Architect: GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Brokerage firm: Cushman & Wakefield

Location: 3636 N. Central Ave., Suite 160, Phoenix

Size: 2,000 square feet

Start/Completion: July 2018 –

October 2018

Why it’s awesome: GLHN’s new office features an open arrangement with flexibility. Envisioned as a “think tank,” the goal was to break down silos and foster creative collaboration and interaction. To enhance the creative environment and to provide an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere, maximizing natural light was critical. By using natural finishes and bright colors, the light coming into the space through the glazing is enriched and provides a warm relaxed environment without artificial lights. Keeping the office environment casual and unpretentious was important in creating a creative atmosphere. A mural of a pink cow, in the spirit of midtown’s local street art, was created to provide a whimsical element to the space. Multiple types of seating were provided, including sit and stand desks, casual seating and group seating. Using current technology, employees can sit where they like from day to day or even work from home. Allowing for this flexibility promotes greater satisfaction from staff and more efficient use of the space. The flexibility of the seating also allows for employees from other GLHN offices to “dock” and work remotely from the new office.

DP Electric

Owner: DJP Enterprises

General Contractor: Overton Builders

Architect: FORM Design

Location: 2210 S. Roosevelt St., Tempe

Size: 35,000 square feet

Value: $2 million

Start/Completion: March 2018-August 2018

Why it’s awesome: The DP Electric office is an incredible space to work in. It is open, airy and has a great collaboration effect. Offices are open air and able to be accessed easily and the rest of the space is an open concept working environment. There are many rooms and areas for collaboration or quiet time, as well. The décor is modern with touches of company history and thought provoking ideas, including the DPE Mission Statement and Core Values. In the kitchen, the DP logo is front and center as a photo collage of the team working and bonding at company events. A tenure wall focuses on how many employees join DPE and become “lifers.” This speaks to the culture of family and community. There is also a timeline showcasing the humble beginnings of the company and the exciting growth in the construction industry. This is all about teamwork! And the front office showcases well earned company awards. The idea is to focus the space on the importance of a company as a community. Amenities in the office include a full gym with showers and lockers, café and break room for events with a keg and wine bar. A beautiful deck opens to the event space for dining and entertaining in nice weather and a training room for company education and DP University classes. Also included in the office is a prefabrication shop and warehouse, so all the workings of DP Electric are housed under one roof. The notion that most people spend more time at work than at home was most important when building the new space. It is inviting and everyone enjoys all the wonderful spaces for collaboration!

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