Earnhardt Auto Centers is planning to open its new Earnhardt Lexus dealership at 800 E. Camelback Rd. on October 30.

Bull Earnhardt, owner and operator of Earnhardt Lexus, thinks the more centralized Phoenix location for Earnhardt Lexus will help the company serve its entire Lexus owner base in the Valley.

“It’s an area of redevelopment,” Bull says. “There’s a lot going on in Central Phoenix. Our customers can get to us a lot better than they could at our old location.”

The original Earnhardt Scottsdale Lexus dealership is located on 6905 E. McDowell Rd.

Built from the ground up after the Central Phoenix site was acquired in 2014, the Camelback Lexus dealership spans 67,000 square feet. Earnhardt says the Camelback dealership will help Earnhardt Auto Centers continue to provide its selection of L/Certified Lexus vehicles. Specifically, the Camelback dealership will focus on sales of the Lexus IS200T, RX 350, LS350 and NX200T models.

“Obviously, we’re excited to be close to the Biltmore, Moon Valley and Phoenix,” says Earnhardt, who emphasizes that the new Phoenix location will be more convenient for people who either live in the Phoenix area or who can more easily commute to reach it.