To provide you with the best insights on enhancing a property’s curb appeal, we’ve gathered seven unique experiences from CEOs, founders, and real estate agents. From a transformative customer pathway lighting installation to the impactful addition of power washing and outdoor furniture, these industry leaders share their most effective strategies and specific experiences that made a significant difference. When it comes to boosting curb appeal, here are seven real stories of property enhancements:

  • Custom Pathway Lighting Installation
  • Front Landscaping Design and Accessories
  • Colorful Aesthetic Improvements
  • Bush Trimming to Better View the Home
  • Landscaping Revamp and Market Impact
  • Fresh Paint Coat Boosts Appeal
  • Power Washing and Outdoor Furniture Addition

Custom Pathway Lighting Installation

Installing custom pathway lighting was a game-changer for our property’s curb appeal. We opted for low-voltage LED lights along the walkway and around key landscaping features. 

The result was a beautifully illuminated pathway and garden, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance, especially in the evening. 

This enhancement not only impressed guests but also improved safety and security. It was a standout feature that made our home more appealing and memorable to visitors and potential buyers alike.

Gagan Saini, CEO, JIT Home Buyers

Front Landscaping Design and Accessories

New homes typically come with basic, no-frill front landscaping. The architecture of the building and the client’s needs are taken into account before creating a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and meets the client’s budget. 

The front yard, being the first thing you see, can add value to your home, provided the design or installation complements the architecture. 

Installing front patio areas, landings, commercial lighting, and evergreen plants can boost property value and add curb appeal. The process begins with a design and execution follows once it meets both aesthetic and budgetary needs.

Brandon Powers, Owner, Reliable Landscaping and Design LLC

Colorful Aesthetic Improvements

An improvement that could increase a home’s curb appeal is painting the front door an eye-catching color, which ties into the home’s aesthetic. You could add landscaping elements that can add to the overall appearance. 

This can include adding small plants and trees to provide some depth, but also a pop of color from flowers. A hidden feature that many overlook is updating the mailbox to match the style of the home. 

From these improvements, potential buyers are drawn in by the improved curb appeal, which creates a positive first impression. This has ultimately helped attract more interest in the property, which contributed to a quicker sale at a higher price.

Jayden Derush, Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams Capital District

Bush Trimming to Better View the Home

I boosted a property’s curb appeal by trimming the front bushes. The primary reason for trimming the bushes was that when they were taller, they blocked the two front windows. This prevented potential buyers from seeing just how large the property’s windows were.

Additionally, by adding flowers of various colors, we were able to contrast that with the solid blue color we had painted the house. This made everything pop and helped sell the house for much more at a time when the market was shifting.

Sebastian Jania, CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

Landscaping Revamp and Market Impact

In one of my real estate projects, I focused on enhancing curb appeal by revamping the landscaping. We hired a professional landscaper to design a fresh and inviting front yard. The addition of colorful flowers, well-trimmed hedges, and a neatly paved walkway transformed the property’s appearance.

The impact was immediate and significant. Not only did the property attract more potential buyers, but it also received higher offers. The enhanced curb appeal created a positive first impression and generated a buzz in the local market. It was a clear demonstration of how small changes to a property’s exterior can make a big difference in real estate transactions.

Tony Mariotti, CEO, RubyHome

Fresh Paint Coat Boosts Appeal

One way to boost a property’s curb appeal is by applying a fresh coat of paint. This can instantly give the exterior of a property a new, clean, and attractive look. In my experience, I had a client who was struggling to sell their home because the exterior paint was faded and peeling. \

After suggesting they invest in repainting the exterior, the property received multiple offers and sold for a higher price than expected. The new paint gave the property a refreshed appearance and made it stand out among other homes in the area.

Zach Shelley, Founder and CEO, A-List Properties

Power Washing and Outdoor Furniture Addition

Some things I have my clients do before listing a home include power washing the outside of the home. This instantly makes it brighter. Replacing mulch and adding some colorful plants and flowers are also helpful. 

They should fix any siding that is peeling off or any damages, scuffs, or repairs to the outside of the front of the home.  

If they have a covered porch, I suggest adding some matching outdoor furniture. However, they should not overdo it. Adding a hanging swing is a great touch as well.

Denise Supplee, Operations Director, Realtor, and Property Manager, Spark Rental/Long & Foster