Buyers are looking for these features in Sharjah villas

Real Estate | 19 Mar |

In 2014, legislators in Sharjah allowed expatriates to purchase property if they had a residency rider. In 2018, the residency rider was waived. Today, Sharjah has become the golden nugget of UAE real estate investments, and that is true even if you’re not a big developer.

One of the most sought after property types are villas. So if you’re looking for one, make sure you do your homework and ensure your prospective new villa has these features.

Essential Features for Sharjah Villas

The first thing you need to think about when purchasing a villa in Sharjah is space. Whether you’re going to live in it or rent it out, anyone interested in a villa, to begin with, is looking for adequate space for their family and for entertaining.

Large Bedrooms

Look for a villa with at least four bedrooms. This gives you a couples’ master bedroom, two bedrooms for your children and a guest bedroom as an example.

Opt for at least two full-sized bathrooms and possibly a half bath, if available. Arada’s Nasma Residences’ plans include five-bedroom villas. More spacious rooms tend to be better in the long run when you’re living with children or in-laws. It offers everyone a retreat with enough space to do things they love.

Parking is a Must

As the area booms, Sharjah is going to become a bit crowded in terms of parking availability. So, look for a property that comes with designated parking areas for at least two cars, whether it is a garage, designated street parking or parking courtyard on your property is irrelevant, but the latter would look great.

Outdoor Entertainment

If you’re going to be entertaining friends and family, there are beautiful villa plans that feature gorgeous outdoor patios that make it easy for you to outfit them entertainment essentials. Think about a nice, large outdoor dining area, space for food service banquet tables/grills, lounge seating… if that sounds appealing to you, you know you’re going to need some outdoor charm.

Privacy is Key

Be conscious of privacy. Look for properties in gated communities or that come fenced both in the back and partially in the front. This will allow you and your family to enjoy your home without worrying about onlookers or drawing attention.

Opt for Luxury

You’re living in a villa, go the extra mile and treat yourself to some luxury fixtures, natural, eco-friendly countertops like stoneworks, and appliances. Some villas will be equipped with refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves – see if you can negotiate an upgrade to stainless steel. If they include washer/dryers, investigate if they are HE models. The idea is to get the most out of your buck. You won’t get everything on your list, but you can get what you most desire.   

Now is the time to buy. With Sharjah becoming a hotspot for new developments like Arada’s Aljada self-sustained city, more potential buyers are flocking from Dubai to Sharjah. Sharjah is currently directly competing with Dubai’s rental and purchase market prices. But when the demand gets higher, so will the prices. So, instead of the normal buyers’ market, which is defined by the low purchase price economy, this buyers’ market is defined as being the calm before the booming rush.

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