The Great Escape: The Roesches, with the help of Regency Custom Homes, build a Wisconsin lake house in Scottsdale

Instead of wishing it was summer every day, the Roesches made it happen, and brought their Wisconsin lake house to the Scottsdale desert. Yes, it’s possible — save the lake, of course — and the Roesches are living proof of it, with an awe-inspiring home comprised of a greet room boasting large, wooden beams, a powder room make of a stone ceiling and stone walls, and dark hues throughout, capturing the cabin-cozy feel to which they retreat every summer.

“In the greet room, there’s a massive wooden mantel, and we had that custom carved by an Indian carver who was able to carve in a scene reminiscent of their time,” says Steve Wiggins, president of Regency Custom Homes. “We had him go on and further distress the beams, carve them and give them that rustic look.”

While the home is reminiscent of a mountain retreat, the home is also comprised of a multi-zone, electronically-controlled climate system and energy efficiency. Wiggins and the Roesches ensured the home was still Scottsdale appropriate, embracing the Scottsdale “climate and lifestyle.”

Wiggins says the backyard was important to the Roesches, including “a putting green, a big fountain that doubles as a wading pool for all of the grand kids, a huge outdoor bar with a refrigerator, a fire conversation pit, and the walk deck upstair, as well as a deep patio with heat lamps above to embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.”

Wiggins stresses it’s not about the size (with three bedrooms at 3,800 square feet) as much as comfort and included amenities, drawing inspiration from past homes and memories created within said homes.

“It was a lot of fun blending two styles that don’t readily go together, being the north woods of Wisconsin and Scottsdale,” Wiggins says. “I think, in the end, we were able to strike a good balance between the two.”

The Roesches favorite part of the home? The powder room, also called “the cave,” with the entire room covered in stone, including the walls and ceiling, and a piece of glass holding up the vessel, giving the room a “very minimal, rustic look.”

“I always tell my clients the powder room is the room everyone is going to see in your house, so do something fun, do something different,” Wiggins says.

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View photos of the Roesches’ custom home:

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