There is a wide range of machinery used in the construction industry. They all serve specific tasks in ways that ensure safety, as well as timely and efficient execution of projects. One of the best ways to understand the various construction machinery is to group them based on the purposes they serve.

For instance, some machines fall under the category of power saws. The walk-behind floor saw is a prime example. If you are interested in other examples, you can check:

There are two major kinds of walk-behind floor saws – Push-operated and self-propelled. The latter requires less physical effort from the operator. Some self-propelled walk-behind floor saws can even be controlled remotely.

The goal of this article is to expose readers to some of the key features of this kind of walk-behind floor saw. This way, readers will be aware of the qualities to look for when buying or renting this machine.

Expected Qualities of Self-Propelled Concrete Walk-Behind Floor Saws

This machine requires quite a great deal of investment. It is one of the reasons the right one should be purchased. Getting the right equipment is equally important for those renting it. This is so that something capable of getting the job done effectively and efficiently is rented. Whichever the case is, here are some of the expected qualities of a good Self-Propelled Concrete Walk-Behind Floor Saw:

Less Physical Effort from the Operator

As pointed out early on, this is the striking difference between self-propelled and push-operated Walk-Behind Floor Saws. The latter requires that the operator pushes it wherever it is expected to cut through.

The motor design of the self-propelled kind is such that minimal effort is required by the operator. The machine can cut through on its own to a great extent. This is something it is expected to do.

Powerful Engine

Cutting through concrete, asphalt, and other kinds of flooring is no easy task. The right equipment needs an engine powerful enough to get the job done. The engine specifications should be one of the major considerations when buying or renting this machine.

Top-Quality Blade

Of course, the blade’s quality is of utmost importance. The right machine should have a blade that is fit enough for the strenuous task of cutting through concrete, asphalt, and other kinds of flooring.

Adjustable Depth

The right self-propelled walk-behind floor saw should not be rigid in its operation. It should offer flexibility. The ability to adjust the blade’s depth allows the machine to be tailored to various projects that require cutting at different depths. This flexibility ensures its usefulness in different construction sites.

For example, one construction project may require cutting through asphalt at a depth of 36 inches, while another project may require cutting through concrete at a depth of 48 inches. The ability to adjust the depth of the blade as occasion demands makes it possible to use this machine for various construction projects.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when operating such machinery to avoid accidents and injuries. So, you should get something that can offer safety. For one, its heavy-duty blade should be well isolated and shielded using well-designed and very functional safety guards.

Dust Collection

An effective and efficient dust collection mechanism will significantly reduce the amount of dust and debris that the machine’s operator and everyone around will have to deal with. This is important for the safety of the operator and everyone around. This is also for eco-friendly purposes.

Water Cooling System

An effective and efficient dust collection mechanism can do a lot. However, it cannot do enough as other measures are required for reducing the dust and debris that the use of this machine will generate.

One such measure is a water cooling system. It contributes to significantly reducing the adverse environmental impact of using this equipment. The right self-propelled walk-behind floor saw should have a cooling system supporting the operation of the dust collection mechanism.

Easy Transportation

This equipment will be used in various construction sites. As a result, moving it should not be a nightmare. For example, it should have parts that are easy to detach and attach for ease of transportation.


Enhanced safety features, adjustable depth, top-quality blade, minimal effort from the operator, powerful engine, easy transportation, water cooling system, and effective dust collection mechanism are some of the expected qualities of a good self-propelled walk-behind floor saw. These qualities are very important but they are not exhaustive as there are others. You can read this article for more on this subject.

Buying this equipment can only be considered a worthy investment when the purchased equipment offers all the discussed qualities and more. The same goes for renting this equipment. So, make sure you buy or rent the right self-propelled walk-behind floor saw based on the qualities discussed here, at least.