The latest RentCafe research looks at how much apartment space each renter gets to themselves — and Scottsdale renters get the most space in the Valley.

In the Phoenix metro, the big city itself is surpassed by 6 other locations.

It’s worth noting that renters’ personal space has shrunk across the nation over 10 years, from 565 to 540 square feet, as our latest data shows.

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Here’s where renters get the most personal space in Phoenix metro:

• Scottsdale takes the lead, with 633 square feet to each renter. Thanks to generous apartment spaces, each renter gets the equivalent of 1.7 rooms to themselves. Looking at the national stats, Scottsdale apartments rank 36th based on the space they provide per renter.

• Gilbert is the second best choice in the Phoenix metro, with apartments offering 560 square feet to each renter, which is just over one room and a half.

• Phoenix itself has less space per renter than the national average, just 455 square feet. Renters here get the equivalent of 1.4 rooms each.

We calculated renters’ personal space by dividing the total apartment space to the number of renters living under the same roof.