Simon Davis

Approximately 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February, according to U.S. News and World Report.  

The CoreNet Global Arizona Chapter, on the other hand, is remaining steadfast in its New Year’s resolutions to create better content, offer wider learning opportunities, and provide richer networking opportunities. 

Since it was founded in 2002, CoreNet Global, a nonprofit association providing education and best practices for corporate real estate has grown to include nearly 10,000 executives and 47 local chapters globally. The goal is to support its dynamic global network of professionals by offering education and networking opportunities that advance knowledge, connect people, and promote personal excellence. 

The Arizona Chapter is led by President Simon Davis, sales director at Saltmine. Davis has been a member of CoreNet since his move to the United States in 2004, and serves as faculty on CoreNet’s Masters of Corporate Real Estate program, teaching both the workplace strategy and technology courses.  

In addition to creating better content, learning and networking opportunities, Davis says, “We also recognize the need to attract more corporate occupiers to the chapter. They truly are our lifeblood.” 

Overall, he and fellow executive board members want to provide the best programs and opportunities possible, which started by developing comprehensive committees for disciplines including events, membership, community involvement and more while also grooming today’s committee members into tomorrow’s board members. 

The Program Committee, led by Keyvan Ghahreman of Willmeng Construction, plans to sponsor 14 events throughout 2018 on different topics, including creative ways to develop business cases; how employee experience is changing the workplace; outsourcing vs. insourcing; and case studies on expansion and relocation to Arizona. 

Not only is the Arizona Chapter adding new programs and seeking additional committee members, it’s also adding to its list of annual events. 

Two of the group’s most popular events include the Annual Golf Tournament at the start of the year and the Real Estate Technology Symposium in November, says Davis, “but we will also be adding an end-of-the-year Awards and Holiday Party in early December.” 

As for the lifeblood of the chapter, Davis says, special corporate occupier only events will also be added this year such as tours of Arizona’s most prestigious offices, which will allow corporate occupiers to exclusively network with their peers. 

Additional learning and networking opportunities include the expansion of the Young Leaders Committee, spearheaded by Jamie Selenski, focusing on delivering programs for our members under the age of 35. Davis says, “It represents a great opportunity for young professionals to understand the benefits of association membership and also provides the ability for them to gain access to industry experts and mentors.” 

Meanwhile, CoreNet continues to grow the talent pipeline of young corporate real estate professionals through its Fundamentals in Corporate Real Estate class for Arizona State University’s Master in Real Estate Development, which was launched last semester and led by Mark Singerman of the Rockefeller Group Development Corporation. The program is made up of members of the CoreNet Global Arizona Chapter who all volunteer their time to educate future corporate real estate professionals. 

New year’s resolution or not, 2018 is already shaping up to be a mega year for CoreNet Global Arizona Chapter as it embarks on news ways to advance knowledge, promote personal excellence and add value to each individual member and their respective enterprises.