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Did you know that there is an average of 150,000 injuries that occur every year on construction sites?

Sadly, the construction industry is the top leading industry in workplace fatalities. If you’re looking to increase the overall safety of your workplace, it’s time to learn construction site safety tips that’ll keep you and your crew safe.

That’s why today we’ve created this quick guide with tips to help improve your construction site’s safety. Keep reading to learn more!

Improve Upon Communication

By improving upon current communication techniques, you can make it easier for your team members to alert everyone on a job site of any hazards or situations that are posing a threat to safety.

In addition, a safety outline sheet that details the rules that are required for anyone to work on site. This sheet should have information about what PPE is required to be worn on the site, as well as who is responsible for everyone on the site.

Provide Proper PPE

PPE is an abbreviation for personal protective equipment. Even if you have members on your construction site that are only visiting, make them wear the appropriate PPE. Hold people accountable if they’re not entering onto a job site with the proper PPE.

By avoiding wearing the proper PPE, they’re posing a risk to their health and safety, as well as the safety of those that they’re working alongside.

Keep Your Site Clean

If you feel like safety should be the number one priority on a worksite, you and your crew need to prioritize cleaning. When construction sites aren’t properly cleaned, there’s an increase in the number of trip hazards, slip hazards, and other potential threats to a safe working environment.

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Put Up More Signs and Posters

Improving communication within your team just doesn’t stop at meetings and conversations. You can continue communicating with your crew when you’re not around by hanging up signs and posters.

You can use signs that make your construction workers aware of the potential dangers that they may face at a specific job site. In addition, you can also put up signs that show what the required PPE is for a job site, as well as steps to take if there does happen to be an accident.

Finding the Best Construction Site Safety Tips for Your Crew

By keeping yourself continually educated on the best construction site safety tips for you and your crew, you will quickly see an improvement in the overall safety of your site. This will not only make your projects safer for your crew to work on, but it’ll also show the people working with you that you care about their safety.

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