Vice Chair of Program Committee
Holder Construction Company
What’s your committee role at CoreNet?
The Programs Committee plans and organizes the Arizona chapter’s monthly luncheons, networking events and annual signature event. The committee selects the topics for each program, develops the publicity, and promotes attendance at our events. The committee strives to relate program content to the trends within and evolution of the corporate real estate market.

What are the goals of the Planning Committee and how will they be achieved?
My goal is to continue building on our successful events, and to challenge the Program Committee members to reach into their respective industries to find the best program topics that have a high impact for our membership. With the diversity of our committee and CoreNet membership, we are fortunate to be able to leverage a broad network and talent pool in this effort.

Education Committee
Arizona Commerce Authority
What is your role at CoreNet?
The Education Committee is committed to providing corporate real estate professionals the opportunity for further education, ensuring that seasoned or new corporate real estate professionals can accelerate their careers by providing basic access to training courses that are focused on the strategic management of corporate real estate.

What are your goals in your chair position and how will these be achieved?
My No. 1 goal is to make CoreNet Global a local resource for corporate real estate professionals to gain access to programs and courses provided through the global chapter. My path to achievement will be working in tandem with CoreNet Global’s professional development team to bring accredited programs for the Arizona chapter to utilize for certifications and licenses.

Membership Committee
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
What is your role at CoreNet?
The Membership Committee is responsible for finding and retaining CoreNet members and collaborating with other committees.

What are your goals in your chair position and how will these be achieved?
Our goal for this year is to grow the membership base by 20 percent. First, our goal is to start with the existing members renewing for 2014. Historically we have a big drop off in memberships each year… so this goes back to focusing on our members in helping them get involved in CoreNet with whatever their interests may be. Secondly, is recruiting the right members. The focus and goal for CoreNet here in Arizona is to have each end-user as a member. Arizona in general isn’t a big end user market so we also focus on other industries and potential members that have some type of affiliation in CRE.

Sponsorship Committee
What is your role at CoreNet?
The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for increasing sponsorship commitments to the organization. Sponsorships are a critical component of the local chapter’s finances.

What are your goals in your chair position and how will these be achieved?
My top goal is to increase local sponsorships of the chapter. Retaining our current sponsors and signing up new sponsors enables us to have quality programming.

Young Leader Committee
What is your role at CoreNet?
To provide young leaders (35 years of age and under) with access to the knowledge and experience of industry professionals by means of establishing relationships, promoting continuing education, fostering peer networking and encouraging active roles in the community.

What are your goals in your chair position and how will these be achieved?
The Young Leaders’ Committee goals are to build relationships within the group, further advance our knowledge of corporate real estate and continue to increase membership involvement in the organization and the CRE community at large. Holding three to four Young Leader events per year will be key in achieving our goals.