November 19, 2013

Amanda Ventura

Executive Q&A: Mark Ashworth

Mark Ashworth


Ashworth Construction, Inc.


Years at company: 12


Q: What attracted you to the industry?

A: I have always been around construction. My dad was an architect and my uncle was a general contractor. I worked in the field with them at a young age. Ultimately, I love watching a plan come together and creating something tangible that provides for our clients’ needs and wants.


Q: How has the industry changed since you started?

A: Banks, labor and insurance. All of these have affected the industry in some fashion. It’s important to roll with the punches and adapt. Trust is a little harder to find these days, based on the nature of the economic challenges we’ve all faced. Everyone has his or her hand over the holster, if you know what I mean.


Q: What professional achievement gives you the most pride?

A: I would say creating a small business. I want people to be able to work for an organization where they can make a difference, and of course surviving 2009 and 2010!