A fully-equipped, modern style dental office sitting on the corner of a freeway of an affluent, densely populated neighborhood is every dentist’s dream. Most dental professionals would agree that this would be an excellent location to ensure their practice’s success. However, that’s not enough. There are several other factors that you need to consider while choosing a dental office for rent.

Here, you will learn more about these factors and know how to choose your practice’s right dental office location.

Transit and Accessibility

While looking for dental office space, transit and accessibility are the two most significant deciding factors. Ideally, the space you choose must be close to various public transport modes, including buses, subways, streetcars, etc. This will allow you, your staff members, and your patients, and visitors to find and reach you easily. Another option to look for is to search for a location that is easy to identify on Google Maps. It would be even better if its parking lot is directly connected to the main road.

Safety and Crime Rate

The safety quotient of the area should be on your priorities list. Your employees and patients should feel safe and comfortable while coming to your office. So, look for an area in your city with a low crime rate. A bar in the neighborhood would have drunken guests frequently, due to which your patients may not feel comfortable visiting you during the evening hours. Take time to research and find the crime rate in the area before finalizing a dental office space.

Potential for Business Expansion

Whether you are just starting or you are an established professional with tremendous growth potential, you must ensure that the dental office space you rent has considerable infrastructure and size to accommodate your increasing needs. You never know your business may start booming shortly. You may need more employees, and you may consider purchasing more equipment that would need space. So, rent a space that is not already too small to accommodate your office materials. Make sure it is big enough to give you space, at least till the lease-end conveniently.


What is the surrounding area like? Is it busy? Do some of your key staff members live nearby? Proximity is a significant consideration while choosing a dental office space to rent. You need to ensure that the location is easy and convenient to reach for your employees and patients.

Also, look for other amenities in the neighborhood, including chemists, diagnostic labs, etc.


Give attention to the demographics that your dental clinic is trying to target. Choosing a location that consists of your target customers would make it easier to achieve your business goals. A good place for you would be the one that has a high percentage of senior citizens in it. Such people will have more dental problems than youngsters, thereby driving them to your clinic whenever they need help.

Foot Traffic

Consider the foot traffic in the location. It must be walkable for most people. These days, people have become health and environment conscious, due to which they prefer walking or biking more instead of driving. If your dental clinic is situated in a walkable location, more people would prefer to visit you on foot. Choosing such a location will attract more visitors and reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Competitors in the Area

Before you rent a dental office space, research a bit and learn more about other similar businesses functional in the area. Identify your direct competitors and see if you can work with or against them. You may join hands with a few businesses to get referrals. For instance, if you are an orthodontist, you can get in touch with a general dentist in the area who can refer patients who need your help.

Parking Space

While looking for a rental location for your dental office, consider parking space in the area. Where will your patients park their vehicles? What about your staff members? What are the parking costs? It’s easy for your patients to avoid visiting your clinic and find another dentist just because there are no proper parking facilities in your area.

Think into the future and envision 4-5 patients in the observation, another 3-4 in the waiting room, 3-4 assistants, a couple of people on the front desk, one hygienist, and yourself. So, you would need parking spots for so many people. Does the building provide parking space for everyone?

Finally, budget is the most crucial factor to consider while looking for a dental office space to rent. Make sure that the rent is affordable with acceptable lease terms. Get the help of an expert to be sure of your choice. If you are still unsure about your requirements, learn more by consulting an experienced commercial realtor to help you find the right dental office space.