Many Canadians choose Phoenix, Arizona as a place for them to relax and get away from the cold winter weather. Phoenix is known for the warmth all year long, and that means you can also take part in outdoor fun activities during the winter. It isn’t uncommon for people residing in Winnipeg, Toronto, or Calgary to venture to Phoenix annually and then return home when the brutal winter in Canada comes to an end. Some of them are on the fence though, they consider moving to Phoenix and making it their permanent home.

Air Canada is a major airline, and they offer flights directly to Phoenix, Arizona from many areas of Canada. It takes between 3 ½ and 4 ½ hours to reach this warmer destination, depending on your starting point. You will find direct flights from Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary. WestJet is also a common airline people use to get to Phoenix from Canada.

During their time in Phoenix, many Canadians rent condos or vacation homes for the winter. There are many places like this to consider around the area. It depends on your budget, the amenities you desire, and even the location where you want to live for those months you are away from your permanent residence. There is so much to see and do in Phoenix and surrounding areas, it isn’t unexpected that many Canadians contemplate moving there.

Phoenix continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the USA according to The city is affordable to live in, the weather is warm all year long, and there are numerous attractions and activities to spend your time engaged in. Those interested in moving to Phoenix should look into the housing market and potential jobs before they take the leap.

The economy is thriving in Phoenix and there are many jobs available in different sectors. This includes education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and the hospitality industry. The variety of single-family homes available for a good price is encouraging. There are also condos and apartments available.

Arizona Real Estate Today shared, “Phoenix has a relatively low cost of living, making it an attractive option for retirees, snowbirds, and those looking for a change of scenery. The median home price in Phoenix is $270,000, which is significantly lower than the median home price in many Canadian cities.”

Going to Phoenix from Canada for the winter, a change of scenery, or to permanently relocate is an exciting adventure. Kyle Bazylo, a relocation expert who created the non-profit relocation site, shared, “In seek of warmer weather, many Canadians move to Phoenix to chase that dream. However, for several reasons, many people eventually move back home. Family and Canada’s healthcare are usually the reason why.” Visit for more information on Winnipeg and its neighborhoods.

There is so much to do outdoors in Phoenix, and that is enticing to those that love to spend their time outside. There are plenty of trails for hiking and beautiful parks. There are more than 200 gold courses so if that is a favourite sport, this could be the place for you to visit or move to! Instead of freezing cold temperatures in Canada for the winter months, you can have an early morning tee time!

Other sports enthusiasts love the home teams Arizona offers. They include:

Arizona Cardinals (football)
Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball)
Phoenix Suns (basketball)

One of the popular places to hike is Camelback Mountain, with an amazing view of the mountains and the city. Desert Botanical Garden offers more than 50,000 plants that thrive in the desert. They are derived from locations all over the world!

A reminder from, “Phoenix boasts 300 days of sunshine per year, making it the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking and biking to golfing and horseback riding, there are endless opportunities to get outside and explore.”

Phoenix also offers delicious food choices. You will find plenty of cafes, bakeries, and Mexican dishes. It won’t take long for you to find some spots that you love to visit again and again while you are in town!