The city of Glendale announced an amendment to its city code regarding residential rental properties and short-term rentals within city limits. These new rules went into effect Jan. 1. While Glendale does allow short-term rentals, steps must be taken before renting to assure both parties are within city compliance.

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Owners of vacation and short-term rentals in Glendale are required to provide the city of Glendale with the name and contact information of a person designated as an emergency contact, as well as contact information for the owner(s) responsible for responding to complaints. A vacation or short-term rental is a residential property that is offered for rent for less than 30 days. Under Glendale’s nuisance parties and unlawful gatherings ordinance, property owners are accountable for repeated unruly gatherings or parties. This ordinance applies to all private residences, whether they are long or short-term rentals or owner-occupied.

“Across the Valley, we have seen negative or harmful activity with short-term rentals,” said Glendale Deputy City Manager Rick St. John. “Previously in Glendale, we had not been tracking where our short-term rentals were located. This new system will allow us to gather where these properties are located, how they are taken care of and help keep our community safer.”

If you are operating a short-term rental, GovOS will mail you a registration letter on behalf of the city of Glendale with instructions for registering your short-term rental. The registration letter will include procedures for creating your account and will include your activation code and the account number you will use to access your property record.To register your home as a short-term rental, visit

This initiative came about from the City Council and was not initiated because of the Super Bowl. The Council noticed other cities were tracking this type of information and wanted to make sure Glendale did everything it could to keep the community as safe as possible

The online process will take about five minutes to register your property, all at no cost to you the property owner. If you have not received a letter by the end of January 2023, please contact Glendale Customer Service at 623.930.3190 or or email GovOS at to request an activation code and account number.