Gold Canyon, a candle company in the direct sales industry, expanded into Mexico in early November. Gold Canyon entered Mexico—the seventh largest market in the world—to build upon its 20 years of success in North America.

Mexico’s favorable direct sales market, growing demand for high-quality candles and a large base of entrepreneurs make it an ideal market for Gold Canyon. The firm began its expansion into Mexico on Nov. 2.

“We’re excited to bring the Gold Canyon earning opportunity to Mexico,” states Thomas F. Kelly, CEO of Gold Canyon. “There’s incredible potential for women, men and younger generations to gain financial independence through home-based direct selling of ‘The World’s Finest’ candles. Our proven sales strategy combines relationship selling with recruiting new prospects and leading a team to provide a unique entrepreneurial opportunity for those looking to earn a full or part-time income.”

The Company recruited seasoned direct sales leader, Lourdes Valerio, to oversee Consultant and leader development in Mexico. She is building a foundation with the support of an experienced group of leaders who are eager to take full advantage of the potential available in this market. This strategic move will also provide opportunities for cross-border recruitment throughout North America.

With Gold Canyon, Consultants are in business for themselves, but not by themselves—no matter where they live. Mexico will have the support of their home office team in Arizona along with a dedicated website and a catalog featuring their most popular scents.

Kelly adds, “We are more than optimistic about our launch into Mexico and plan to expand our product offerings in the future. We will leverage our learnings from this launch for future expansions into Central and South American countries.”