While some people may view architecture as simply a design, Gould Evans Phoenix has proven throughout the past 20 years that it is dedicated to taking on projects that have community impact.

As Gould Evans approaches its 20th anniversary in Phoenix, Principal and Board Chair Trudi Hummel says, the company continues to evolve.

“In 1996, when Gould Evans Phoenix was established, Arizona was coming out of a slow economic period and there was optimism for our future,” Hummel said. “Through the next 20 years, we experienced economic ups and downs. We’ve achieved some fantastic and widely recognized successes, but we’ve also taken our hits. For Gould Evans, 20 years in Phoenix represents survival. It represents commitment.”

Since Hummel launched Gould Evans Phoenix with partner Jay Silverberg, commitment and creative energy are the terms on which Gould Evans thrives.

“We were consumed with getting the work and doing the work,” Hummel said, “and we did that well, becoming one of the most award-winning firms in Phoenix. Jay eventually moved on and now Krista Shepherd, a long-standing associate and contributor in the office, is my marvelous partner.”

Hummel said Shepherd has been instrumental in continuing Gould Evans’ design leadership and becoming more involved in the community.

“As a firm, we have taken the pause that the recession afforded us to be more thoughtful and strategic about who we are and what we want to do,” Hummel said. “We think we have found the right balance with the right mix of public and private clients, keeping in mind that it’s important to always be nimble and consider the potential of each project uniquely.”

While Gould Evans has offices in San Francisco, New Orleans, Tampa, Kansas and Missouri, the Phoenix office is unique for its commitment to a multi-disciplinary atmosphere.

“We have offered an entrepreneurial perch to grow a studio within our studio,” Hummel said. She is talking about Canary, which focuses on branding, using design as a strategy to solve any business decision.

After 20 years in Phoenix, Gould Evans has moved to its new location in the the Warehouse District to further its impact on the community.

“We have become — and want to become even more — a part of the redeveloping urban fabric,” Hummel said. “We see endless possibilities to connect people with our context. We embrace the complexities of our evolving city and our wheels are turning about what is the next appropriate iteration of our neighborhood.”

With a committed and diverse team, Gould Evans plans to evolve as the community evolves. Meaning and authenticity are important to the company and Gould Evans intends to prove that over the next 20 years.

“We have accomplished all of these things through the energy, creativity and determination of a very dedicated team whose synergy makes us all even better. After 20 years, I know we are here for the long haul,” Hummel said.