These are the places people, employees and visitors alike, talk about. These are the coolest offices in Metro Phoenix.

Designed with form and function in mind as well as creating an environment that people want to be in, these office spaces are some of the “coolest” in the Valley.

A well-designed office space can be a company’s biggest asset. Employees want to work in an office that was designed with them in mind. A place where they are comfortable, feel connected to their colleagues and are motivated to be the best employee. The coolest offices will grab your attention and keep it until the workday ends.

Jones Studio

General Contractor: Build Inc.

Architect: Jones Studio

Brokerage firm: NA

Location: 205 S Wilson St., Tempe

Size: 6,687 SF

Start/Completion: Aug. 2014/Apr. 2016

Why it’s awesome: The North and West walls are open to exterior gardens providing beautiful and calming views. To insure fresh air at all times, there is a 9’ tall Ficus tree in the middle of the office. Jones Studio is currently building a hydroponic garden to help supplement healthy food choice for our employees. Triple beer tap keeps the family together. All water for gardens and landscaping around the office is supplied from locally harvested and stored rain water from a 2500 gal. tank located under the parking lot.

DPR Construction

General Contractor: DPR Construction

Architect: SmithGroup

Brokerage firm: N/A

Location: Phoenix

Size: 16,533 SF

Value: $4,500,000

Start/Completion: Apr. 2011/ Nov. 2011

Why it’s awesome: A living laboratory for the community, DPR’s new office is a unique example of urban revitalization and sustainability. Conceptualized as a “net-zero energy workplace of the future”, DPR created an open-office environment housing 58 workstations and floater spaces, support spaces, fully-equipped gym/locker facilities, and a zen room for a quiet retreat. A first-of-its-kind commercial building in the Valley, the project achieved LEED-NC Platinum Certification and was the first Net Zero Energy commercial office in Arizona.

Varsity Tutors

General Contractor: Jokake Construction

Architect: Ware Malcomb

Brokerage firm: JLL

Location: 2120 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe

Size: 35,000 SF

Start/Completion: Sept. 2017/Jan. 2018

Why it’s awesome: Varsity Tutors’ new office and sales center features a modern design, with existing raw building materials and other elements left exposed throughout the space. This included an open ceiling, exposed concrete block wall and tilt-up panels. Books are suspended in between light fixtures in the breakroom paying homage to the company’s foundation in education. The project features open office space, a training room, conference rooms, a large break room, and multiple collaboration areas.

The Grid

General Contractor: Alexander Building Company

Architect: Corgan

Brokerage firm: ABI

Location: 5227 North 7th Street, Phoenix

Size: 16,000 SF

Start/Completion: Nov. 2017/ April 2018

Why it’s awesome: Many of the building’s original features are emphasized in the new space including concrete double tees on the first floor, exterior staircases, and exposed block walls. Designed to accommodate coworking on the first floor, the building also includes a large multipurpose room for entertaining, training, and a community yoga room. Balancing raw materials with a sleek modern feel, a perforated metal canopy and second skin was added to create new dynamic exterior spaces and protect the building from the elements.

CBRE Workplace 360

General Contractor: Layton Construction Company

Architect/Designer: Gensler

Brokerage firm: CBRE

Location: 4th, 5th and 6th floors of Tower IV at The Esplanade (2575 E. Camelback Rd., Ste. 500 in Phoenix)

Size: 75,000 SF

Value (or cost of the project): Confidential

Start/Completion: June 2017/Dec. 2017

Why it’s awesome: The new office is part of CBRE’s global Workplace360 initiative. In the new space, employees are no longer tethered to assigned desks or cubicles, but instead can choose from a variety of collaborative and private work settings that align with their changing needs throughout the day. The high-tech lobby called ‘The Heart’ features both a nine-screen media wall and an immersive, multi-screen presentation tool called Liquid Galaxy. Health and wellness components of the office include sit/stand and treadmill desks, wellness rooms, healthy snacks and hydration stations.

GoDaddy Global Technology Center

Owner: Elm Tree

General Contractor: Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Architect/Designer: SmithGroup (Interior), Patrick Hayes Architecture (Exterior)

Brokerage Firm: CBRE, Cushman and Wakefield

Location: 2155 East GoDaddy Way Tempe

Size: 150,000 SF

Value: Confidential

Start/Completion: May 2013/Sept. 2014

Why it’s awesome: Ryan Companies helped to support a creative work style for 1,300 employees, including engineers, developers and customer-care representatives. The two-story, 150,000-square-foot build-to-suit facility, complete with slide and climbing wall, serves as one of nine facilities nationwide for the GoDaddy. “Ryan has built a killer facility. It embodies our GoDaddy spirit, which is energetic, innovative and passionate…it’s just a great place to get work done.” Blake Irving, CEO, GoDaddy.


Developer: The Boyer Company

General Contractor: Stevens Leinweber Construction

Architect: Krause

Location: 2120 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.; Ste. 201 Tempe

Size: 22,500 SF

Brokerage Firm: Keyser

Value: $1.4 Million.

Start/Completion: Jan. 2018/Apr. 2018

Why it’s awesome: Designed to reflect meltmedia’s unique personality and work style. Iconic features include an employee café serving local beer, coffee; 120 SF of moss walls; and an entryway specially designed for a dog-friendly work environment, part of the company’s culture. The office is also intended to serve as a gathering place for design, development, and technology meetup groups, with large classrooms and presentation spaces.

Zion & Zion

Owner: Architekton

General Contractor: Bistany, PLC

Architect: Architekton

Location: 432 S. Farmer Ave. Tempe

Size: 14,241 SF

Brokerage Firm: N/A

Value: $4.3 million

Start/Completion: Jun. 2015/Jan. 2016

Why it’s awesome: This office features a game room with shuffle board, pool table, old-school arcade games, darts, and giant jenga; multiple beautiful and functional meeting spaces, one with a view of A Mountain; thousands of square feet of whiteboard wall for brainstorms and a no-cubicle floorplan that promotes open interaction and collaboration. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, with double kegs (one for cold brew, one for beer!), integrated technology, beautiful architecture and color throughout the two floors, all in a dog-friendly environment.

Norris Design

General Contractor: SAB

Architect: Dan O’Brien

Brokerage firm: Lee & Associates

Location: 901 E Madison, Phoenix

Size: 13,500 SF

Value: $2,500,000

Start/Completion: Oct. 2016/Dec. 2017

Why it’s Awesome: Employees can walk to Chase Field, walk to light rail. Building was originally constructed in the 1920s and began as a produce warehouse. The redesign created an open/collaborative work space with sandblasted original wooden trusses and exposed original brick walls and concrete floors. There are three conference rooms, an indoor/outdoor bar area with a glass garage door closure. Open kitchen concept with two refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves. Activities include ping pong tables, a basketball hoop, bag toss, office bicycles and a grill.

JDA Software

General Contractor: Jokake Construction

Architect: Corgan

Brokerage firm: Cushman & Wakefield

Location: 15059 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 300 Scottsdale

Size: 13,000 SF

Start/Completion: Apr. 2017/ May 2018

Why it’s awesome: The new JDA Customer Experience Center overhauls the traditional showroom with large touch screen displays, interchangeable wall panels, clear acrylic floor tiles with reactive sensor lighting, and flexible furniture. While a roaming robot navigates through the high-tech interactive digital playground’s guest reception and lounge area, employees can also find dedicated spaces for individual and group work in a variety of huddle rooms, office spaces, or in a 30-person board room.

Small Giants

Owner: Clayton Companies

General Contractor: Paxton Construction

Architect: Clayton Design

Brokerage firm: Lee & Associates

Location: 8100 E. Indian School Rd., Ste. 201, Scottsdale

Size: 4,000 SF

Start/Completion: 2017/Feb. 2018

Why it’s awesome: This new office is in an ideal location, with nearby amenities and a fun, modern atmosphere. The bold colors, clean lines and trendy interior design elements all reflect the company’s brand. Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions line the walls of the conference rooms and private offices. Chalkboard walls allow clients and employees to doodle and track creative ideas. Camp SG was created as a fun, playful space where employees and their kids can escape from the office, well sort of. The bullpen is where company meetings take place along with larger brainstorming sessions and training seminars.

Solera at The Monroe

General Contractor: Southwest Architectural Builders/SAB

Architect: Ajanta Design/Brian Braganza

Brokerage firm: Kevin Lange at Camelback Realty Group (Tenant), Michael Crystal at NGFK (Landlord)

Location: 111 W. Monroe, Ste. 300, Phoenix

Size: 19,300 SF

Value: $983,698

Start/Completion: Oct. 2017/Jan. 2018

Why it’s awesome: Solera had the vision of providing a unique urban environment for their employment base. The entire team executed flawlessly, combining the rawness and historical elements of the building with a modern design, delivering one of the most abstract office spaces in the entire valley with an open floor plan, huddle spaces spread throughout, and a dedicated patio.

Southland Industries

General Contractor: Nitti/Graycor

Architect: SmithGroup

Brokerage firm: Savills-Studley (Southland), Metro Commercial (Papago Buttes Corporate Plaza)

Location: 1500 N. Priest, Ste. 114, Tempe

Size: 10K SF

Value: $1 million

Start/Completion: Sept. 2014/Feb. 2015

Why it’s awesome: Open, collaborative, funky & and functional, this office can host meetings with 50 people, or reconfigure for smaller, intimate groups. Office features actual reclaimed barnwood on the walls along with graphics from actual Southland blueprints.


General Contractor: Sonoran Crest Construction

Architect: Phoenix Design One (PDO)

Brokerage firm: Cousins

Location: 80 E Rio Salado Pkwy., Tempe

Size: 33,059 SF

Value: $1.4 million

Start/Completion: Feb. 2018/May 2018

Why it’s awesome: Each meeting room was given to a team of Houzz employees to design with a theme of a room or space you’d find in a home. The teams were able to morph a blank space into a really unique meeting space. Who else has a functional meeting room with a bathtub in it? Also, the Houzz folks incorporated a lot of little family touches – the employee’s children created artwork for the kids room and they also incorporated a family photo wall in their main space.