Brace yourselves for a transformative wave of prosperity as the Town of Queen Creek and other cities in Pinal County and the Southeast Valley emerge as the epicenter of economic growth. Historic milestones will reshape the future of multiple communities, including Queen Creek, where billions of dollars in capital investments are set to pour into the vibrant town, catapulting it into an era of unprecedented growth and opportunity.

This monumental infusion of capital signifies a resounding vote of confidence in Queen Creek’s potential, laying the foundation for a thriving and resilient economic landscape. From cutting-edge infrastructure projects to innovative ventures, these investments promise to elevate the town to new heights, fostering job creation, enhancing quality of life, and solidifying their status as a beacon of economic prosperity.

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In 2019, the Town of Queen Creek annexed 4,1000 acres of Arizona State Land, and it has been a catalyst in driving new development opportunities over the last few years. Most of the land is still managed by the state government and revenue from future sales will be used for conservation, education, and public institutions, however, the annexation contributes and supports economic growth and strategy in attracting new businesses and other investments in town. The Trust is also involved with any decision-making about who and what companies they will consider. With its close proximity to State Route 24 (SR24), it will have a huge impact on the community because employers and large retailers like to be located off the freeway and maintain easy business access.  

The visionaries behind these investments recognize the unique strengths and untapped potential that the southeast valley possesses, and these economic development and commercial real estate professionals are committed to fueling their collective progress. In early March of this year, LG announced they are investing $5.5 billion to build two battery manufacturing complexes in the Town of Queen Creek. This investment is being recognized as the largest single investment for a stand-alone battery manufacturing facility in North America, creating thousands of jobs. LG Energy Solution will produce cylindrical batteries for electric vehicles and plans to break ground by the end of this year. LG Energy Storage Systems will produce “pouch-type” batteries for energy storage systems and will break ground in early 2024. The two plants will be under construction simultaneously. 

Economic Development Director, Doreen Cott stated, “It’s been an exciting project to work on. Not only for the type of jobs they will bring to the QC, but for the capital investment they are bringing to the community.” Cott and her team have also worked with executive leadership teams from the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, who are actively working to market the state and region. There is a surge of industrial interest and commercial real estate brokers are also heavily involved in representing landowners to bring other economic value to town. Seasoned brokers and partners from CRE8 Advisors, Rommie Mojahed and Andy Kroot are no exception. They have multiple development opportunities and plenty of land for sale in Queen Creek and other nearby areas that will potentially complement other employers in the immediate future. 

The CRE8 Commercial Real Estate team. (Photo provided by CRE8 Commercial Real Estate)

“I have been working in the southeast valley for many years. I grew up in this area and it has been an invigorating evolution to witness the changes both personally and professionally in Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, and even San Tan Valley in Pinal County,” said Mojahed.  With so many major developments in the valley, this also creates the need for strategic expansion into underserved communities, bringing a wave of economic revitalization and access to essential goods and services. Queen Creek spokeswoman Constance Halonen-Wilson also said, “You have to have a desirable community to have those rooftops and retail, so we have worked really hard, and the council has worked really hard in being strategic in that growth development to create a quality community.”

From the new QC Police Department, Fire Department, improved and expanded transportation corridors, award-winning parks, and the ground-breaking of a new recreation and aquatics center, the leaders of the community are building a town that people want to live and work in. 

QC’s Economic Development Director also stated there are many areas that have specific plans to engage more specific development into the area.  Meridian Roadd has plans for industrial use and can complement what is already being built in that area. With a commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, opening retail stores, restaurants, and overall shopping experiences, it will create vibrant hubs that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each neighborhood. Especially the neighborhoods that will be the residential hub for all the new employees that are moving to the area as the town grows.

Pinal County Supervisor – District 2, Mike Goodman is a native and represents the majority of San Tan Valley since 2017. With close to ±110,000 residents, while being a smaller geographical footprint in comparison to others across the county, San Tan Valley is the most densely populated. Like other towns, he has been equally motivated to enhance the quality of life through the strengthening of the current infrastructure, including roads and economic development. Pinal County, known as “Wide Open Opportunity – Wide Open Spaces” is meaningful to him. “We’ve had a great relationship with the State Land department.” Goodman stated, “We made a decision to punch Meridian Road all the way through. As soon as we made that decision and started to work on Meridian Rd moving forward, the buzz with Maricopa Association of Governments also started to up their game and they escalated efforts on SR24, which was not planned to be open until 2026, but in fact opened in 2022.” As a result, it was a game changer for many other connecting roads in the area, including up to 34 acres of land for sale off the SR24 & Meridian/Pecos Rd.  It is the only industrial property currently on the market that has freeway frontage road visibility in Queen Creek. 

CRE8 Advisors currently has land available that is located right on the county line of Maricopa County to Pinal County. With up to 34 acres, this is considered a front door entrance into Queen Creek, this location creates an unprecedented opportunity to strategically position and redefine a local economic landscape for industrial and will be the main artery connecting SanTan Valley. Local businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors can explore the untapped potential lying within the Queen Creek borders, where the intersection of infrastructure, logistics and innovation creates a fertile ground for industrial property. Improved land with utilities, curb, and gutter is already equipped with essential infrastructure, which will save developers time and costs associated with installing utilities and constructing basic amenities. 

To put this into perspective, there are 1 million visitors per year that visit the nationally recognized Queen Creek Olive Mill located south of the SR24, on Meridian Road., just north of Combs Road. The amount of traffic that flows through this area cannot be matched. Although Meridian is now open, once the full extension of this road has been completed, it will be the main arterial that serves both Queen Creek and San Tan Valley communities. In addition, there are another 24 acres closer to Pecos Road, which is also listed with CRE8 Advisors. This land sits across from CMC Steel off Meridian & Germann. In fact, Pinal County’s Supervisor Goodman also mentioned that 80% of CMC Steel workforce, which borders Pinal and Maricopa counties, come from San Tan Valley (STV).

Goodman also revealed that 93% of STV residents in the workforce must leave to go to work every morning, and most of that traffic goes into Maricopa County, and the Phoenix metro area. Their goal is to bring enough jobs and employment for the STV residents to not have to commute into other areas, so they have an aggressive plan in place to work with the state to get entitlements for industrial and light industrial employers that utilize the transportation expansions already in place. Additionally, they have already platted roughly 50,000 homes and it goes all the way from Apache Junction on the north side of the SR24 to Arizona Farms, into Anthem Merrill Ranch in Florence, and another developer just purchased 4,500 acres for a master-planned development on the east side of Attaway.  

Water problem?  No problem!  Despite what may have been stated by state and/or city officials, “SRP has repeatedly said they would be happy to provide the most current water table to make sure there is enough water supply for any new developments,” said Goodman. Farmers are looking to Pinal County because of this very reason. There is a $4 billion industry in milk products and 45% of that are byproducts that are consumed in Pinal County. They are even in discussion with SRP to discuss power – Nuclear Power.  While Costco was a major win for Queen Creek, the residents in STV were just as excited to announce when Home Depot opened off Hunt Hwy and now WinCo Foods is coming soon and is in the pre-plat process. 

Goodman also reiterated that they are really looking to boost the retail visibility in underserved areas of Pinal County. CRE8 Advisors also has over ±34 acres in Florence, AZ – right off Hunt Hwy & Merrill Ranch Road, which has brought in more development for the residents in this area. With the new Circle K, Safeway anchored shopping center, and other major retailers at this immediate signalized intersection, it creates even further opportunities to pave the way for retail excellence in underserved communities. It also invites local leaders, residents, and stakeholders to be a part of this transformative journey.

Get ready to witness the dawn of a new era, where the promise of billions in capital investments becomes the catalyst for a flourishing tomorrow. Together, economic developers and commercial real estate brokers continue to shape the future, where prosperity meets possibility and together, we thrive.

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