This year, travel is supposed to recover to 85%. As long as no mobility restrictions occur, this should happen.

If you’re dreaming of being part of this stat and getting back into travel again, then you might wonder which route you should take. If you’re looking to buy a timeshare, that’s a solid long-term investment. Read this guide on how to buy a timeshare in 2022 and get traveling!

How To Buy a Timeshare

As you’re looking into retail vs. resale of a timeshare, you’ll find plenty of options. While you could go right through a company such as the Hilton, Disney, and others, they tend to be pricy.

That’s why many see the benefit of a timeshare through the resale process. Resales tend to cost much less than buying directly through the company. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be wary of scams floating around.

Deed Ownership

When buying a timeshare through this program, you buy a certain time period of the vacation unit. You’re a partial owner of the company.

This means that you might be able to rent it out. Keep in mind that timeshares aren’t great for real estate investments since they could lose value. The con is that you can only use it during the same time each year.


Timeshare buying with right-to-use units means that you buy it for a certain period of time. You own the interest of the property and not the property itself.

Rooms fill up fast so you’ll need to plan ahead. You can use points that could transfer over to other resorts.

Timeshare Companies

Timeshare companies and property managers handle these. They might sell off part of an ownership.

Many of these companies use points systems. You use the points systems to book your stay.

Some companies have deals with other resorts as well. Some have perks such as Disney Vacation Club giving you a discount on Disney merchandise at the park.

Timeshare Cons

Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay maintenance fees. The maintenance fees will keep the property nice and updated.

There could also be property taxes. Be wary of resale companies that say you don’t have to pay any fees.


Resales are owners who want to get out of a contract. They’re a great way for you to buy a timeshare at a discount.

Be sure that they’re a bonafide company before you make a large purchase. Take a look at the maintenance fees and the trading power for the timeshare.

Tips on How To Buy a Timeshare

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to buy a timeshare in 2022. Take your time looking into the resale and direct process to decide which is best for you.

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