In‘s latest apartment space by zip code analysis, we crunched the numbers to help renters find that sweet spot between ample space, great location and good value. For this, we used a monthly rent budget of $1,700 — which is the national average rent — and we closely looked at a total of 1,600 zip codes in the 50 largest U.S. cities to find out how much space renters can get for $1,700. Here’s where Phoenix renters get the most and least space for their money:

A closer look at the numbers

  • Renters need to compromise the most on space in favor of location in zip code 85004, in the highly desirable Cooper Square in Downtown Phoenix. For a monthly budget of $1,700, renters here can only get 658 square feet. The good news is that the zip code offering the most apartment space in Phoenix — 85041, south of Salt River — is just around the corner. Here, renters can get 1,090 square feet of apartment space for the same monthly budget.  
  • Those seeking more than 1,000 square feet in Phoenix need to look all the way west to zip code 85037 where they can rent 1,027 square feet, or north to zip code 85022 for 1,016 square feet, on average.  
  • What about the top neighborhood in Phoenix according to For $1,700 per month, renters in zip code 85048 in the Ahwatukee Foothills get significantly more apartment space than in the city center. More exactly, they can rent 940 square feet, which is about 300 square feet more than what they could rent in Downtown Phoenix.  
  • What is the sweet spot in Phoenix for renters seeking ample space in a great location or want to get the most space for their money? Zip code 85040 offers above average legroom and it’s close to amenities. Another zip code would be 85015, with 956 square feet for the same monthly rent budget of $1,700. 
  • In fact, 45 out of the 59 zip codes analyzed (or 76%) offer less space than the national average of 944 square feet. A glance at the map reveals that most zip codes in the west of Phoenix offer less than 900 square feet. Zip codes in the north and east, on the other hand, are the most generous when it comes to living spaces for $1,700 per month.