With more than 40 years of combined experience in commercial real estate, brokerage and healthcare, Patti Gentry and Chelsea Maddox aim to take Keyser’s healthcare division to the next level with their senior leadership and selfless service mentality.

Jonathan Keyser, founder of the company, calls both hires a “great cultural fit with extraordinary commitment to helping others.” Thus, making them both easy choices to fill a void in the market as a result of recent consolidations in the healthcare and commercial real estate industries.

Jonathan Keyser, President and founder of Keyser (Photo by Keyser)
Jonathan Keyser, founder of Keyser (Photo by Keyser)

He explains how healthcare groups are also working as landlords and developers on projects that the tenants are directly negotiating against, which often causes a conflict of interest and inability to meet all parties’ needs. He claims there aren’t any non-conflicted broker teams representing the needs of the tenants right now.

“The mission is to create the tenant only healthcare group of the future that serves all the major healthcare users across the country, which enables them to have an advocate that is tenant only and empowers them,” describes Keyser.

He is confident in Gentry’s and Maddox’s ability to take relationships with current clients to the next level but also expand the company’s client base and add more value and service to healthcare users across the company. He says, “The goal is to grow a $100 million national healthcare group over the next 30 years.”

Gentry and Maddox share Keyser’s excitement and confidence moving forward based on their combined overall knowledge of the industry, understanding of clients’ needs and best ways to service those needs.

Patti Gentry (Photo by Keyser)
Patti Gentry (Photo by Keyser)

“I’m excited because this is one of the fastest growing market segments and there is so much opportunity if you know and understand this sector like Chelsea and I do,” says Gentry.

Maddox agrees adding, “We’ve set ourselves apart from our competitors in the full comprehensive understanding of the market.”

In addition to a thorough understanding of all sides of the market, both women demonstrate a passion for developing client relationships and selfless service, the same mentality embedded in Keyser’s 15 core operating principles.

For Gentry, a third generation philanthropist, service has always been a staple in her life and career.

She’s held various leadership positions on a number of charities and boards throughout her career including as the chairman of the community board at Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Keyser describes Gentry as one of the most senior and respected office and medical office brokers in the Phoenix market with experience dating back 30 years, which has familiarized her with all facets of the industry.

Gentry calls her experiences “invaluable because through working with hospitals on a regular basis, I understand the ins-and-outs of the hospital, what’s going on in rural communities, how doctors operate as well as the numbers and data behind the needs of the user.”

Chelsea Maddox (Photo by Keyser)
Chelsea Maddox (Photo by Keyser)

Maddox complements Gentry’s knowledge with an additional ten years of experience in all facets of the healthcare sector and real estate solutions, servicing previous clients such as hospital systems, specialty medical groups, independent physician offices and national healthcare networks.

She too has a resume filled with leadership on charitable and philanthropic organizations such as Saint Vincent DePaul. Maddox says, “my personal commitment to service was derived from the morals and values my family led me to live by, as a child, coupled with my desire to give back.”

In terms of the overall status of the healthcare market, Gentry describes it as strong and strengthening in the Greater Phoenix area with decreases in vacancies and increases in consolidation.

“As a result of the consolidations and mergers, I’m also seeing a greater focus on primary care options through preventative outreach for patients,” says Maddox. “There’s actually a big push to evaluate lease verse ground up development for users.”

Gentry and Maddox are looking forward to tapping into the bountiful knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years combined with the numerous professional relationships they’ve forged to grow Keyser’s healthcare division and deliver an unparalleled level of service.

“We are aggressively looking for service oriented healthcare advisors to work with Patti and Chelsea to continue to build out the team,” adds Keyser. “We have some significant clients and client opportunities for those healthcare individuals that want to be part of an innovation and disruptive firm focused on changing commercial real estate to selfless service.”