HomeSmart is launching a trial of its new SmartListing technology, which enables agents to offer consumers options to get listing information instantly when in front of a property for sale, while also capturing that inquiry for agent use when marketing the listing or growing their clientele in the future. 

Collectively, the offering gives consumers the ability to text, call or click to get property details instantly at any time, without connecting to a live person. With text message, web-based and call options, SmartListing creates flexibility for consumers to get property details in whatever format is most comfortable and convenient for them.

“SmartListing creates choice and value for both the consumers and agents by offering convenient options to receive instant listing information,” said HomeSmart CEO and Founder Matt Widdows. “Increasingly, consumers rely on mobile phones to get the information they want, but they don’t always want to connect with a live person immediately. SmartListing changes that by giving the consumer the ability to get listing details by text, a call or a mobile browser.”

 Agents and brokers also get instant value from the system. Call and text inquiries get captured in agent and broker HomeSmart CRMs for follow-up, and certain actions off the web page will also get captured for the agent and broker in their respective HomeSmart systems.  

For the SmartListing technology to work in any given market, brokers and franchisees will subscribe to a technology and service package to enable the call and text portions of the system. HomeSmart makes it easy for agents to make their listings SmartListings with the text, web and phone information presented as part of a SmartListing yard sign, on a sign rider or on a freestanding U-frame sign.

 “We continue to invest in our existing technology and find ways to bring value to new agents without them having to incur costs,” added Widdows. “Separately, once available nationally, franchise owners outside of the test markets will have an efficient and affordable way to bring this same value to their agents.”

 The combined package will initially get rolled out to agents in Phoenix, Palm Springs and Colorado with the intent of rolling out nationally before the end of 2017. The introduction of SmartListing coincides with a broader lead generation initiative HomeSmart continues to roll out to its agents, brokers and franchisees in this year.