South Phoenix residents and those in the surrounding community are one step closer to taking the former Del Rio landfill site and redeveloping it into an accessible produce market that will lead to more jobs, parks and recreation areas and more.

The Land Use and Livability subcommittee gave a recommendation for the approval of Arizona Fresh Holdings LLC’s development plans to be seen by the city council soon.

Christine Mackay, director of Community and Economic Development for the city of Phoenix, gave a presentation during the Land Use and Livability subcommittee meeting Wednesday showing the plans and benefits for the development.

“We think that the combination of being able to provide some solutions for the delivery of fresh produce to the marketplace to this food desert, but beyond that into the entire region and to surround it with innovation, the opportunity for jobs, the opportunity for increased amenities for the community is a very unique and inspired vision for the marketplace,” Todd Hardy, from Tuscan Coast Enterprises LLC., said.

There is an abundance of benefits this project will present to this community, if approved by city council, it was divulged at the meeting.

Being in the food desert, this new plan allows for access to fresh produce with a year-round operation and dozens of producers that bring a wide variety of produce.

“A source of healthy produce in a food desert is really something that we are challenged with in the area South of the river,” Mackay said.

The marketplace is anticipated to be completed in 2021 according to the Land Use and Livability subcommittee report.

The education and research opportunities that Arizona Fresh Holdings, LLC. has planned for the project will include on-site university research and collaboration that build community. The educational programs will be about: sustainability, data analytics, food safety, wellness and nutrition.

With 20 acres of parkland, the future development will also give the community fun parks and recreation centers. The committee has held a few meetings where they obtained a general overview of plans for the park, which include: an athletic field complex, playgrounds, open space for family gathers and connecting hiking trails. According to the Land Use and Livability subcommittee report, these are all anticipated to be complete in 2021.

The renovation plans hold a space for events and entertainment for mixed use environment, such as a public amphitheater. This allows for concerts, festivals and special events for South Phoenix and the surrounding areas. These strategic plans could also host opportunities for future establishments to join, such as restaurants or additional retailors.

According to the Elliot D. Pollack & Company study, 1,460 construction-related jobs and 1,500 operations-related jobs will be created from this project.

“It’s going to create jobs, create community resources; it’s going to do a lot for our community,” said District 8 Councilmember Carlos Garcia.

The Arizona Fresh Holdings, LLC. and The Land Use and Livability subcommittee all seem ecstatic about the new development coming to the South Phoenix area.