Do you still use 2D models, sketches, and visualization images to impress the clients and sell a non-finished or under-renovation property? It’s time to step away from outdated approaches and gain a competitive edge over competitors with innovative digital solutions. VisEngine 3D rendering for real estate is an effective solution for those companies and agents who seek result-driven marketing strategy.  

3D rendering services: Explained 

Let’s begin with determining what 3D rendering actually is. It’s a technology that allows three-dimensional visualization of a house or commercial property, including close-to-life surroundings. As an upgrade from a traditional basic model of architectural objects, 3D rendering offers digital modeling simulation with no physical limitations. 

3D rendering is a promotion and marketing tool that allows presenting the under-construction project in small details, translating the design concept, and visualizing the future life. The success of adopting the 3D rendering method shows that animated way gives real estate agents and representatives a powerful lead-generating tool to elevate marketing strategies and build conversion-focused promotion campaigns. 

What do 3D rendering animations include? 

  • Wholesome property visualization (floor plans, room layouts, interior, and exterior design solutions); 
  • The internal features of the property in detail; 
  • The connection with surroundings and environment;
  • Property external renders.

Ground-breaking benefits of applying 3D rendering in real estate marketing

Here are the top 8 benefits you can gain by implementing new-gen 3D rendering technology in your marketing strategies:

1. 3D rendering unveils the potential of ongoing construction projects.

One of the challenges of a real estate salesperson is to promote non-finished construction objects, whether they work with residential property, commercial projects, or new upcoming neighborhoods. The difficulty of the traditional 2D approach for agents is having to channel buyers’ or investors’ imagination, hoping nothing gets misinterpreted. 3D rendering makes the job easier by providing a full-scale vision of the concept, design solution, and ways the project fits in the community. 3D visualization proves the concept’s potential, engaging the buyers, stakeholders, and investors to get on board. 

2. It provides a comprehensive exterior reveal with various viewpoints.

3D rendering offers a wholesome picture to the audience. Not only can you showcase the property from multiple angles and viewpoints. You can also provide 360-degree walkthrough tours to immerse the buyers into a life they will have by choosing that specific property.

3. Gain a competitive edge by adopting 3D rendering marketing.

Proptech provides many resources and technology for real estate and construction companies to stay ahead of the curve and stand out in the market. Implementing 3D rendering technology into marketing strategy has a positive effect on the business image and reputation. Embrace innovative technologies to stay professional and trustworthy in the eyes of your partners and clients. 

4. With 3D visualization, you can highlight the best property features.

3D rendering animations are an effective way to connect with the target audience by showcasing unique features and building a personal connection with the viewers. 3D rendering design uses light, shadows, wind, and daylight to embrace attractive elements of the property, like a pool, garden, fireplace, and authentic architectural decisions. It gives clients a 360-degree picture-perfect view of a dream house instead of a dry description of how it will be after the construction. 

5. Sell property in need of renovation with 3D rendering.

The real estate market is full of fixer-uppers. Yet, not all buyers have a vision and rich imagination to see the potential of the weathered house. The 3D rendering animation gives clients a push in the right direction, providing them with visualized multiple design and renovation solutions. Architectural rendering projects can be tailored in specific ways to match the needs, requirements, and targeted audience lifestyle, guaranteeing that the under-renovation project will sell sooner than planned. 

6. High-quality 3D visualization boosts your promotion strategy.

2D modeling and visualization photos are effective in investor searches. Yet, it’s not a time-efficient strategy for selling property. The advantage real estate agents get with 3D rendering solutions is time. By starting a promotion campaign in the early stage of project development, sales representatives can close deals and attract investors much faster. 

7. 3D rendering enhances the project’s individuality.

The three-dimensional animation approach allows highlights the individuality and uniqueness of the property in a way the traditional 2D model never could. With a well-thought-through design, developers can add effects, tools, and widgets to make the project stand out. The immersive experience viewers get with 3D rendering animations pushes them towards cooperating with your company. 

8. Build better realtor-buyer communication. 

3D rendering offers real estate agents solutions to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Unlike flat 2D models, 3D rendering visualizes each detail of the interior and exterior and simulates how the property blends with the surroundings and fits in the community. Real estate agents and salespersons can build transparent communication and a better realtor-buyer relationship by providing viewers with clarity and detailed information about the listings or ongoing construction projects.

Wrapping up 

The traditional 2D approaches are fading away, bringing state-of-art innovative solutions to property marketing. It’s clear that 3D rendering simplifies the sales process for real estate agencies, making the process more interactive and engaging. The PropTech industry is only starting to improve its three-dimensional and virtual reality technology. Moreover, in the future, we should expect to see more fascinating solutions aimed at improving the real estate sector. Therefore, start taking advantage of 3D rendering technology to build a result-driven marketing strategy and become the leader in the market now. Your business can benefit from creative ideas and expert solutions by cooperating with a professional architectural 3D visualization agency.