If you feel crammed in your Phoenix apartment, that’s because you’re living in the tightest rentals in Arizona. Moreso, Phoenix saw the smallest apartment space upgrade, four times less than Tucson, according to RentCafe’s latest Apartment Size Report.

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Here are the details:

  • A new Phoenix apartment offers on average 846 square feet of space, following a 61 square feet upgrade. Almost two-thirds of the apartments built in the last decade are small (studios and one-bedroom units account for 61.2% of all construction), followed by two-bedroom apartments 33.6%. This leaves a mere 5.1% for three or more bedrooms rentals. 
  • By contrast, renters in Tucson can stretch their legs due to 143 square feet more. The city added a whopping 246 square feet (the biggest upgrade in the nation), propelling the city to the top when it comes to largest apartments in Arizona and 15thnationwide – boasting 989 square feet. GlendaleMesa, and Tempe saw increases too which helped the cities get closeto or surpass the 900 square feet threshold. 
  • If space is important to you, here are your options: Build-to-rent communities in Phoenix are stepping up, offering significantly more space – 1,052 square feet. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the apartments under construction in the city – they’re set to add 99 square feet, reaching an average of 945 square feet.  

 Other interesting findings nationwide: 

  • The average U.S. apartment size increased by 27 square feet from the previous year, reaching 916 square feet. 
  • Florida’s Tallahassee and Gainesville were the top cities with the largest sizes of new apartments – over 1,150 square feet, while Seattle led the locations with the smallest units (661 square feet). 
  • Rentals in Manhattan, NYSan FranciscoChicago; and Los Angeles are getting roomier. For example, the average apartment size in the Windy City increased by 97 square feet in the last decade reaching 801 square feet.

‘For an in-depth analysis of these trends, dive into our comprehensive study, which includes interactive maps, graphs and tables showcasing the national and local trends in floor space, along with a breakdown by number of bedrooms.