The choice of gutters for the house must be made taking into account the shape of the roof, the design of the facade and the type of materials used in the decoration. For a roof that has a gable shape, gutters installed closer to the corners of the walls, as well as gutters located parallel to the roof ridge, in the middle of the walls, are suitable.

To equip a hip roof with long slopes, it is necessary to use gutters to drain water in both directions. Gutters are installed on short slopes, along which water is discharged in one direction. Installation of a drainage system on houses with a roof of complex shape should be carried out in such a way that water is drained from each slope.

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Choice of gutter color

When choosing a color scheme, you can use one of two solutions.

  • A color that merges with the color of the facade finish.
  • A contrasting color that matches the design elements of the façade – window frames, pillars, wall patterns, etc.

If the roof of the house is made of metal tiles, it is better to choose a gutter system of the same color. Moreover, a large number of color solutions appeared on the market not only for plastic, but also for metal gutters.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the gutter replacement cost. It is worth noting that it will depend on various factors, such as what the gutter is made of, its dimensions and the complexity of installation, so, for starters, you should clarify this cost.

Installation of a drainage system in difficult places

The main problems arise when installing gutters over a terrace, entrance or canopy. Pipes are difficult to hide from the eyes, and they stand out from the general background. The best option is to lay a pipe along a pole. You can also move the pipe to the side, closer to the corner of the house.

Water must be discharged into the sewer network or drainage system. In extreme cases, it should be evenly bred over the site. To clean the water flowing from the roof, from leaves, branches and other debris, it is necessary to use a fine grate at the end of the pipe.

Plastic gutters

PVC gutters have excellent aesthetic and performance characteristics. They have high impact resistance and are resistant to mechanical damage. Dust settles on them less and dirt lingers, so plastic gutters retain their aesthetic appearance longer without additional cleaning.

A wide range of colors is another advantage of PVC gutters. You can easily choose the right color and give the facade of the house a beautiful look.

What to consider when choosing?

  • Wall thickness and gutter diameter. The thicker the walls, the stronger they are. The larger the diameter, the more water the gutter will be able to pass through.
  • Corners and stubs. There are right, left and universal corners. If you have not yet planned a roof drainage system, it is better to buy universal ones.
  • Plum shape. Manufacturers offer round and oval plums. The oval-shaped drain has a larger diameter, so when using it, the likelihood of plug formation is reduced.
  • Blockage protection. Some drains have special stiffening ribs, which not only give strength to the structure, but also prevent clogging of pipes.
  • Fasteners and connections. The connection of the elements of the drainage system can be carried out with an adhesive method or with the help of rubber seals. The last option is more practical. If any element fails, you can easily replace it without the use of additional tools.

Metal gutters

Along with plastic gutters, there are galvanized steel gutters. Metal products are resistant to temperature extremes, are resistant to corrosion and exposure to sunlight. Steel drains are covered with special protection – plastisol, polyester, pural. This allows you to give a particular color to the product and protect the surface from external influences.

The right choice of elements and high-quality installation of the drainage system will ensure the removal of water from the roof, protection of the foundation from erosion and the aesthetic appearance of the facade of the house. We hope our advice will help you make the right decision.