Did you know that the number of Americans who had moved to homes or apartments last year reached almost 10 percent?

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or need to find an apartment community closer to work, choosing the right complex comes with several challenges. After all, you have to think about convenience, pricing, transportation, and all the amenities and services you want.

Read on for four tips on how to find an apartment that fits your needs.

1. Write Down All Your Apartment Needs and Wants

If you wonder how to find a good apartment, start with knowing exactly what you’re looking for first.

First, jot down your essential needs that will be dealbreakers if a specific community doesn’t offer them. This might include your price range, distance to work, air conditioning, and policies that allow pets or give you reliable parking.

Next, you can think about what your dream apartment might offer. This might include a resort-style pool, entertainment center, on-site shopping, or luxury floors and appliances.

2. Know Where to Find Potential Apartment Options

Once you know your needs, you can start searching for apartments for rent in your desired area.

Of course, you can do a web search for apartment complexes, browse rental sites, or check the online classifieds. However, don’t hesitate to ask for personal recommendations since you can get insight on what’s good and bad about that community.

For example, you might find a luxury apartment online with all your needs and wants. However, it could have noisy residents or bad maintenance. So, don’t put off checking reviews or asking current and past residents.

3. Tour Your Top Choices Thoroughly

When finding an apartment, your research should yield at least a handful of potential new apartments. So, you’ll want to choose three to five to tour. Contact the property manager or landlord and set up a meeting and walkthrough.

Pay close attention to the apartment’s environment, neighbors, and layout to identify any potential problems. It also helps to look at how the parking works, and which amenties you have in your unit and within the complex.

If you have any concerns or questions, ask the person who gives you the tour.

4. Ask Your Potential Landlord the Right Questions

So, you know how to look for apartments and choose a few to tour. Before you rush off to sign that lease for your top choice, think carefully about any extra questions to ask the landlord.

For example, you’ll want to make sure you have no hidden fees to pay. You’ll also want to clarify the rental terms and policies.

After all, the last thing you want is to sign a lease and find out you’re stuck at the apartment longer than planned and have to pay high fees besides your rent.

Now You Know How to find an Apartment You’ll Love

As you’ve learned from these apartment hunting tips, the process doesn’t have to cause you headaches when you know what to look for on your search.

Once you’ve found your dream apartment and know all the details, you can proceed with applying. If your landlord charges a security deposit, know that you may have some room to negotiate and save some cash!

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