There is no denying that fireplaces are timeless. When there is an enclosed fireplace, it can be difficult to keep it clean and shiny. This is a challenging homeowner often face when the fireplace is being used heavily. The grey or black film begins to collect on the glass door of the fireplace. This can make it look messy and hide its beauty. You must clean the fireplace door every now and then. Even if you don’t have a fireplace and are planning to get one, you must understand how you can keep the fireplace clean. For all your fireplace-related needs head to The Fireplace Store. The experts there will help you pick out the ideal fireplace and even guide you on how you can keep your fireplace looking new.

Before you begin cleaning, you need to get the glass door ready. To do that, it needs to be removed from the fireplace. The removal allows you to carry out the cleaning of the door at a different site. You don’t have to worry about the soot getting on your furniture and carpet. As cleaning the soot from the door can get messy, it is recommended that you keep a rag or a cloth under the glass before placing it down. To prevent the house from getting messy, you can carry out the cleaning in the garage or outside. Once the door has been placed, it is time to clean it up. Following are the different methods that you can consider.


Vinegar is probably the cheapest cleaning option that can get the job done well. It is often also present at home. All you have to do is mix vinegar and water to get the cleaning done. Vinegar is a crucial ingredient in cleaning the glass door as it can easily cut through the soot residue, grime and grease. As it doesn’t damage the glass, it is an ideal cleaner for dirty doors.

To make an effective solution, take two cups of water, and add one-quarter cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of cornstarch or ammonia. Spray this mixture on the surface of the door and let it settle for about 30 seconds, after which clean it using a clean cloth. Add corn starch or ammonia can make it easier to cut through thick layers of soot. If the layers are thicker, you can also add rubbing alcohol. However, when using vinegar to clean avoid using strong chemicals and cleaning products like bleach as it can lead to toxic reactions.

Razor Blades

Yes, you read it right razor blades can be used for clearing the surface of glass doors. For this method, you will require a razor blade, cloth and water. It is a great option when there are thick layers of grime which aren’t easy to remove. With the help of the razor blade, you can peel off the black residue that has been collected on the glass door. While doing this, ensure that you are being gentle so that the glass surface is not being scratched. You can remove the topmost layers of soot using the razor blade. After that, you can make use of alternative cleaning methods. This will help to avoid damaging the glass and discoloration.

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial cleaners can be a great option for carrying out the cleaning. For this method, you will require a commercial cleaner, water and a cloth/sponge. You can also opt for an oven cleaner as it can effectively remove grease and soot that has collected on the surface. When buying the cleaner, make sure that you go through the ingredients. Plant-based cleaners are highly-efficient. Natural ingredients in the cleaner help to break down the dirt and grime and make the glass shiny. Ensure that there are no harsh ingredients like chlorine and bleach as they can impact the shine of the glass.

Carry out timely maintenance

While cleaning the fireplace, it is crucial that you also carry out timely maintenance. Doing this will help to increase the life of your fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, the doors need to be cleaned only twice a year. With hand, wood and pellet stoves, the cleaning needs to be more regular. Though the glass of the fireplace needs to be cleaned. Along with that, the store, firebox and chimney also need to be kept clean. Cleaning out the whole fireplace set-up will improve the efficiency and life of the fireplace. Though it might seem like quite a task. You can always reach out to the experts to carry out a maintenance routine and check.