From influencer marketing boosting property traffic to testimonials enhancing listing credibility, eleven seasoned professionals, including CEOs and Directors, share their most effective strategies for enhancing the online presence of home property listings. Discover how these industry leaders have successfully reached potential buyers, as we unveil their top examples and the impactful results achieved. This compilation of insights offers a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to optimize their property’s digital footprint. Here’s how to maximize the online presence of your home property listing:

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  • Influencer Marketing Boosts Property Traffic
  • Google Ads Directly Promote Home Sale
  • Social Media Shares Spark Buyer Inquiries
  • Personalized Descriptions Attract Property Buyers
  • Video Walkthroughs Engage Potential Homebuyers
  • Virtual Staging With 360° Imagery Sells Homes
  • Keyword Strategy Targets Cash Buyers Online
  • 3D Floor Plans Set Listings Apart
  • Quality Photos and Virtual Tours Draw Buyers
  • Local SEO Increases Property Listing Visibility
  • Testimonials Enhance Listing Credibility

Influencer Marketing Boosts Property Traffic

Being in the real estate industry, we reached out to an influencer for an exclusive listing. We are living in an age where influencers sometimes hold more power than celebrities, and that’s the beauty of the internet—since brands and influencers are getting together to boost each other’s profits and businesses. 

For this listing, we collaborated with a micro-influencer in the real estate field and got our property featured. The positive responses and increase in traffic showed how successful it was and held great potential for bringing in clients. 

The thing is, influencers are more engaged with their audience daily, sharing everything. This makes their followers trust them more, like a friend. Hence, whatever they recommend, the target audience is highly likely to check it out.

Maxine Fraivillig, Operations and Marketing Manager, Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

Google Ads Directly Promote Home Sale

My wife and I helped our listing agent sell our home. They now use this strategy in their own business. Being in digital marketing, we implemented one thing that helped us sell it. When anyone was searching for a home in our city, we had a Google Ad specifically showing only our home. 

It had our address, the features, and even a photo. It stood out above all the other Zillow, Redfin, etc., listings on Google. While it cost us a couple hundred dollars, the real estate company refunded us for that amount because the home sold because of that specific ad.

Jeff Michael, E-commerce Business Owner, Supplement Warehouse

Social Media Shares Spark Buyer Inquiries

Optimizing the online presence of a home property listing can be effectively achieved by taking premium-quality photos and sharing them on authentic social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I hired an experienced photographer to capture the best features of my property. 

Within a week of posting these photos on my social media accounts, I began receiving inquiries from potential buyers, which eventually led to securing my expected price and a trustworthy buyer.

Darren Graham, Company Director, 408 Media Group

Personalized Descriptions Attract Property Buyers

Rather than go with the very generic copy our realtor gave us, we revamped it completely to give a more personal touch. Nobody knows more about a property than the people who’ve lived there, so if you’re selling on behalf of someone else, have them write it themselves; then have a professional writer punch it up.

This approach differentiates you from the rest of the listings out there and ensures you stand out. Also, you’ll often find features that weren’t previously mentioned that make the reader curious and want to see—and eventually purchase—your incredible property.

Mark Varnas, Principal SQL Server DBA and Consultant, Red9

Video Walkthroughs Engage Potential Homebuyers

Video is all the rage for consumers in any marketplace, and by using it, you’re much more likely to engage your potential customers at a deeper level.

For property listings, this is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is create a video walkthrough of the properties that you are selling. It brings a different level of understanding of what a property looks like, and it can inspire more people to book a viewing, while also weeding out those who can instantly see this isn’t the right place for them.

I know you’re thinking that discouraging people from viewing a property isn’t the best idea, but, if they’re going to get there and not buy it because it was never right for them, then it can save you a lot of time and reserve those viewings for people who are real potential buyers.

The video was pretty impactful during the pandemic, but even though its use has slipped after that, there is a real benefit for it in the marketplace.

Marty Zankich, Owner, Chamberlin Real Estate

Virtual Staging with 360° Imagery Sells Homes

Having a company that is all about optimizing and enhancing real estate listings, I’ve found that 360° image virtual staging consistently shows results. When a buyer sees an empty house, they try to visualize what it will be like. Although it’s possible to visualize it a bit, seeing it in 360 degrees is a whole other experience. 

A buyer can only give you a 5–10 second attention span per listing, and standing out in that list requires more than just photos. This view doesn’t waste a single second, as it shows the buyer the outcome of buying the house and the reason they are attracted. 

I’ve optimized so many listings with this effect, as it helps the buyer see exactly how it will look with furniture in 360 degrees. This helps you reach potential buyers much more easily, and through this, we have successfully sold several properties.

Brad Filliponi, Co-Founder,

Keyword Strategy Targets Cash Buyers Online

Because I focus on the “we buy houses” and wholesaling niche, optimizing the online presence of property listings is a fair bit different. To optimize them, I focus on the keywords that cash buyers use for property listings, such as “inhabitable,” “cash deal,” “X dollars under market value,” “rental,” or “flip.” 

By focusing on the keywords that my target audience searches for, I’m able to generate the largest amount of exposure, whether the property is put onto Craigslist, a cash buyer Facebook group, or even listed on the MLS. 

It’s extremely important to use the keywords that one’s target audience uses rather than focusing on generic words that may not apply to the particular property. An example of how I did this was by posting a property on Craigslist and leveraging those keywords. 

This eventually resulted in several buyers finding the deal as they were searching by the keywords rather than manually looking through the real estate section on Craigslist.

Sebastian Jania, CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

3D Floor Plans Set Listings Apart

The inclusion of 3D floor plans is an excellent way to optimize the online presence of a home property listing. What makes 3D floor plans advantageous is that they allow you to model a virtual home tour. 

This is what will set you apart from other sellers in the market because most will just provide a picture of the home’s exterior and then provide a 2D layout of the house. A 3D floor plan shows you are confident in the features of the property and believe they deserve a good representation.

3D floor plans also help you reach a wider audience of potential buyers. Some far-flung buyers don’t need to be there physically for home shows, and seeing a 3D floor plan would suffice for them, helping them make an informed decision.

Stephen Keighery, CEO and Founder, Home Buyer Louisiana

Quality Photos and Virtual Tours Draw Buyers

I prioritized quality photography and virtual tours to improve the online presence of a house property listing. High-quality, visually attractive photographs highlight the property’s characteristics and help to make a good first impression. 

Using virtual tours gave potential purchasers an immersive experience that allowed them to examine the property from afar. This enhanced engagement and distinguished the offering from others, drawing a larger pool of potential purchasers.

Arman Minas, Director, Armstone

Local SEO Increases Property Listing Visibility

Local SEO is our trump card for optimizing the online presence of home property listings. It allows us to increase our visibility in specific locations and reach qualified leads. The first step in our approach is the identification of relevant keywords. 

We primarily use Keyword Planner for this purpose. After that, most of our time is allocated to analyzing the top SERPs. Although it consumes a lot of time, it is worthwhile.

This research provides us with LSI keywords and ideas for featured snippets. We incorporate these findings into our content to improve its ranking. 

Instead of just stopping here, we continuously monitor its performance. If there’s no activity, we redo the research and further optimize the listings. This constant iteration allows us to stay relevant and increase visibility.

Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO, Pallas

Testimonials Enhance Listing Credibility

I leveraged user-generated content and testimonials by encouraging previous buyers and residents of the neighborhood to share their experiences living in the area and the specific property. I collected their testimonials and posted them on various online platforms, including the property listing. 

These authentic stories and positive feedback from satisfied residents added credibility to the listing and instilled confidence in potential buyers. The effect was an increase in trust and interest, leading to more inquiries and a quicker sale of the property. This unique approach capitalized on the power of social proof in the online presence of a home property listing.

Gagan Saini, CEO, JIT Home Buyers