Luna Azul, America’s first for-sale residential community for adults with special needs sold out over half its residences during its phase one sale.

The 4.5-acre development is located in North Phoenix.

The one-of-a-kind community sold 65 percent of its 30 cottage style homes. Luna Azul is a unique neighborhood designed to give adults with special needs and their families a place to live permanently while enjoying a sense of security and creating lasting friendships.

Sean Zimmerman, an Associate Broker at Launchpad Sales and Marketing Group said the success of Luna Azul was due to the ability of parents to buy a home for their son or daughter in a community with resources that foster a sense of independence and self-determination.

“The reason we have had such a big boost over the last six months is that parents want a different experience from a group home setting,” Zimmerman said. “The ability to own your home gives parents a sense of permanence and control. You own your cottage at Luna Azul which means you never have to worry about where your son or daughter will have to live.” 

Luna Azul founder Mark Roth, whose daughter Emma lives in the community, said finding good housing is a constant concern for parents of adults with special needs and Luna Azul seeks to ease those concerns. 

“Cost certainty can give families some peace of mind because you own your house here,” Roth said. “You are not worried about the rent going up, the property being sold, or somebody not renewing your family member’s lease. These are things that could have happened to my daughter.” 

The community offers homeowners two or three-bedroom cottages starting in the low $400,000 and ranging in size from 1,152 to 1,956 square feet. The homes are designed with open living spaces and large front porches. 

The cottages also feature numerous practical safety and design features for the unique needs of adults with disabilities.

The community is a pocket neighborhood designed by architect Ross Chapin. By having homes facing toward a shared green space, pocket neighborhoods foster a deeper connection for residents.

Luna Azul has staff on sight 24-hours a day and the community offers small and socially distances events to allow for safe and fun interaction. 

Construction of 17 of Luna Azul’s residencies is complete with the rest of the community scheduled for completion in 2021.