MCO Realty, a cornerstone of Fountain Hills’ real estate landscape for the past four decades, has been acquired by esteemed Arizona real estate brokers Louis McCall and Michael Gant. This landmark acquisition marks a new chapter in the legacy of MCO Realty, which has been an integral part of Fountain Hills’ identity and growth since its inception.

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“This acquisition is a remarkable opportunity to build upon the incredible foundation that MCO Realty has established in Fountain Hills,” said Louis McCall, Partner for MCO Realty. “We are committed to preserving the values and community ties that MCO Realty is known for, while also introducing fresh strategies to grow our agent base and enhance the home buying and selling process in Fountain Hills,” ​he said.

MCO Realty’s legacy traces back to its roots as a subsidiary of McCulloch Properties, the visionary company behind the development of Fountain Hills in 1970. The town’s transformation from a cattle ranch to a thriving community was spearheaded by the installation of the world’s tallest manmade fountain, which continues to be a symbol of pride for residents and a magnet for tourists. The fountain’s grandeur was complemented by the ingenious design plan by Charles Wood, Jr., a Disneyland designer, and the fountain’s construction by Robert McCulloch. Notably, the fountain’s distinctive nozzle base was meticulously crafted in Switzerland.

With its rich history deeply intertwined with the town’s inception, MCO Realty has played an unparalleled role in shaping Fountain Hills’ brand and lifestyle. As the preeminent real estate brokerage serving the area, the firm has been instrumental in helping residents find their dream homes and guiding investors through successful real estate ventures. The company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to the community have made it a trusted partner for countless families and individuals over the years.

MCO Realty boasts a team of 50 employees, including some of Arizona’s top-producing real estate agents. The company’s dedication to fostering talent and nurturing expertise has resulted in a team that is widely recognized for its professionalism and industry knowledge.

Louis McCall and Michael Gant, both renowned figures in the Arizona real estate industry, are thrilled to take the reins of MCO Realty and continue its tradition of exceptional service and community engagement. Louis McCall brings a wealth of experience in luxury property transactions, while Michael Gant is celebrated for his long-standing expertise in the Fountain Hills market. Together, they envision a future for MCO Realty that embraces its legacy while introducing innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of buyers, sellers, and investors in Fountain Hills and beyond. As a pillar of the community, MCO Realty will continue to serve as the premier real estate firm representing buyers and sellers in their most important transactions that include residential properties, commercial properties, developed lots and land.

Michael Gant added, “Fountain Hills is not just a location – it’s a way of life. As part of our vision for the next chapter of MCO Realty, we will continue to cultivate the brand and identity for the Fountain Hills community in a way that drives interest and enhances property values for everyone in the community,” he said.

“Our goal is to ensure that MCO Realty carries the legacy of the McCullough vision for the next generation as it we continue work with those seeking the ideal Fountain Hills lifestyle within this vibrant community.”

As MCO Realty moves into its new era, McCall and Gant will focus the company’s vision on growth, acquisitions, community preservation, agent education, team recruitment, and more. The transition of ownership is expected to be seamless, with Louis McCall and Michael Gant leading the company into an exciting new phase while upholding the traditions that have made the firm a trusted name for generations.