January 12, 2015

Amanda Ventura


People & Projects To Know 2015

A comprehensive collection of commercial real estate professionals and the most iconic commercial real estate projects in Arizona.


There may be, literally, tons of concrete, steel and dirt in the commercial real estate industry, but describing the foundations of a great development is incomplete without the people and relationships that precede such things. In fact, the two are so interdependent that AZ Big Media decided to expand the typical “People to Know” publication it has put out every year since 2008 to include projects.

Thus, I present the 2015 edition of “People and Projects to Know.” In this magazine, you will find the leaders in their fields – as well as up and comers – next to the biggest established buildings and those that are still under construction but already making a big impact on the state.

We have also compiled a snazzy centerfold featuring the 15 most influential projects in Arizona, as well as the most important infrastructure and entertainment and retail developments that have come through the pipeline over the years. I hope you enjoy learning more about the people and projects within this issue as much as I did, and please don’t forget to nominate deserving industry professionals and outstanding projects next year.


Amanda Ventura, Editor AZRE