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en Hance hung the murals by local artists on Friday, May 8

May 10, 2016

AZ Big Media

Photos: Local art on display at en Hance development

Lately, downtown Phoenix has been no stranger to construction. From ASU developments to luxury apartments that have been springing up around town, development has been everywhere.

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Photos by Jesse A. Millard

Although the end product can be a thing of beauty, construction can be an ugly sight. One developer, though, is doing something different to make his construction site a little more beautiful.

Alvaro Sande, COO of Sencorp and developer at en Hance Park Condominiums, partnered with the Phoenix Center for the Arts to hang pieces by local artists along the fences of his development.

Since the First Friday of May, en Hance Park, right across the street from Margaret T. Hance Park, has murals along the fence of the north facing side of the project.

Sande said that they don’t use the space around the project, and figured what better way to use it than to put art along the fences.

All of the pieces are for sale, and can be viewed here.