AZCREW was one of the founding chapters of the Commercial Real Estate Women Network when it was formed in 1985. Since then, it has grown to include more than 90 members in Arizona and 9,000 members in North America.

As the 2017 president of AZCREW, Jackie Orcutt is tasked with leading the Arizona chapter in its continued mission to champion the success of women in the commercial real estate industry through resources, leadership, education and networking.

Orcutt started her commercial real estate career at CBRE in 2007, later joining Cushman & Wakefield in 2011, only to again return to CBRE in 2016, which is where she works now as the first vice president of industrial brokerage.

Over the years, Orcutt was named to AZRE’s 40 Under 40 list (2013), Most Influential Women list (2014) and most recently to this year’s list of Influential Millennials.

AZRE: What are your top priorities as president?

Jackie Orcutt: I have been excited to encourage and support activities planned by our board such as the Women in Action Event that we held in April, the ongoing book clubs, luncheons, and encouragement for all members and our entire board to attend this years’ Convention in Houston.

AZRE: What’s the value of AZCREW membership?

JO: Undoubtedly, the ability to surround oneself with other women, and men in support of women, who are paving the way in their careers and in life. We all have a common thread in that we work incredibly hard, and we promote excellence as career women, but also as individuals.

AZRE: What’s the biggest benefit that you’ve experienced through your involvement with AZCREW?

JO: Immediately, from day one as a member, I was invited to join a committee and become an active member. Since that day, I’ve been able to collaborate with incredible members to create programming that is influencing our community in so many ways. From charitable events, to inspiring panels and speakers, to reaching out to invite aspiring men and women into our organization, I’ve always felt that I can directly impact our programming with my time and ideas.

AZRE: Have you received any advice from past presidents? 

JO: Everyone has made their own mark on my experience, no doubt. It was the brain child of Karen Halpert to launch the concept that evolved into the Black & White Affair, and it’s one of my favorite annual events. Last year, Christie Veldhuizen did a great job of reminding everyone that we can accomplish great things while still being efficient. She kept us all on track and on task and I’ve tried to carry that theme in our meetings this year.

AZRE: How do you balance your career with being a mother of three?  

JO: The energy and ambition that comes from the bellies of those three little munchkins is enough inspiration to light the world on fire. I was raised by a mother who let her work shine through at home, and who let her home life inspire her work, so I can truly say I have never thought life could be any other way. I am incredibly fortunate to have an amazing husband and local family members who all help raise our babies. At work, I have an awesome team committed to doing their part to accomplish our collective goals.

Message to members: “Get out there and mix it up. Join a committee, make the “ask” for that massive assignment you’ve been wanting, pull the trigger on that great trip you’ve been looking forward to, and call your mother/best friend/mentor to say “thank you” for their support.”

Surprising fact about yourself: “I love the occasional karaoke night and I won the Nebraska State Fair Hula Hoop contest when I was 13.”