The real estate market is flourishing, with new houses being submitted every day. Video is the reason why some real estate listings have a chance to stand out among their competitors. So, when it comes to an easy vs hard sell, video will be a bigger deciding factor than price.


Expectations are always high for clients that use video production Melbourne. Media is king, and a good video is the key to eye catching marketing. Text only listings are already considered a scam by potential buyers. Listings with text and pictures face similar scrutiny, but at a lesser level. Video is necessary to get rid of most of the paranoia surrounding online real estate listings. It also goes a long way to answering questions that a buyer didn’t know they wanted to ask. With all of the mystery resolved about a listing, the actual walkthrough becomes less of a hassle for both sides. Instead of constantly looking for something ‘wrong’, the buyer is instead wanting to close the deal. That is why a pricey house is still an attractive investment if the video shows the buyer its worth.

The Outside

One of the most popular opening themes in TV history comes from The Sopranos. It culminates with the main character driving up to his home and parking in the driveway. After a hard day of work, nothing is more pleasing than walking through the front door of your home. A video can show you what this moment can look like in real time, complete with scenery from the front yard, garden and driveway. Buyers will also get an idea of what it is like to open the door and see the first room of the house. It is a grand moment, and one that every potential buyer should be able to witness before doing the walkthrough.

The Inside

A nice 3D tour of the house will allow you to show off the angles that are most complimentary to the theme of the home. Smaller details can be highlighted, and smaller spaces can be made to look bigger. Media does a better job of showing what vaulted ceilings look like compared to describing it in a feature list. When a video does a good overall job of showing the inside of the home, it isn’t unlikely for a buyer to put in an offer without the initial walkthrough.

Don’t Skip Over the Bad Spots

Video makes it tempting to glamorizing the best parts of a home while hiding the undesirable defects. Nothing is perfect, and every buyer will find the defect sooner or later. Instead of hiding problem areas, a video can be used to show them in a more flattering light. Show video of a bad spot and allow your own narrative of it to supersede whatever consumer paranoia will occur when you hide it.

Show And Tell

With millions of competing listings, a video may be the winning feature that markets your home. Don’t ignore the potential of media and how it affects those interested in buying. Use video to your advantage, and leave the second guessing to your competition.