In search of unique marketing strategies that have made a significant impact in the real estate sector, we asked eight industry leaders, including CEOs, Brokers, and Marketing Heads, to share their insights. From the unique property management perspective to the innovative mortgage broker partnership for referrals, discover the strategies that have set these professionals apart in a highly competitive market. Here are some real estate marketing innovations:

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  • Property Management Perspective
  • Interactive Digital Community Map
  • Early Investment and Diverse Portfolio
  • Providing Multiple Selling Solutions
  • Community-Centric Virtual Tours
  • Leveraging Technology for Seamless Connections
  • Crafting Compelling Home Stories
  • Mortgage Broker Partnership for Referrals

Property Management Perspective

I started my career as a property manager, which gave me a unique perspective on the real estate industry. I learned firsthand what it takes to maintain a property, which has helped me develop an “eagle eye” for spotting issues in homes. 

Over the past 15 years, I have honed my skills to identify well-maintained properties and those that have been neglected. This allows me to provide my clients with valuable insights and help them make informed decisions.

Samantha Easton, CEO, Broker, Blue Diamond Sales & Rentals Inc.

Interactive Digital Community Map

As a real estate broker, I found that traditional marketing methods like online ads and flyers weren’t enough to keep up with the fierce competition in my local market. That’s why I decided to think outside of the box and come up with a unique strategy that would set me apart from my peers.

My idea was to create an interactive digital map of my local community, highlighting the most sought-after properties, local landmarks, and popular amenities. 

Not only did this strategy differentiate me from other agents in my area, but it also attracted a much wider range of clients who were drawn in by the innovative approach. The map went viral on social media, leading to countless leads and a significant boost in sales.

In summary, by leveraging advanced technology, I have been able to create a pipeline of business.

Dr. Shenetta Malkia-Sapp H.C., CEO. Broker, The PMs of The City Realty

Early Investment and Diverse Portfolio

From a young age, my passion for real estate was ignited by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad at just 14 years old. Inspired by the possibilities, I took a leap of faith and purchased my first rental property at 16. My portfolio grew throughout high school and college as I acquired more properties, leveraging my real estate license. 

The thirst for knowledge in the field only intensified over time, leading me to pursue a commercial real estate appraiser license, a four-year endeavor. Excelling in my career, I found myself involved in over $4 billion worth of real estate transactions over a decade. 

Now, I leverage my knowledge and experience by investing in real estate tech companies and government contracting firms, and teach others about real estate while devoting time to travel, learning foreign languages, and nurturing my physical and mental well-being.

Chris McGuire, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Exam Ninja

Providing Multiple Selling Solutions

A unique approach in marketing that we started using, which significantly improved our real estate business, was to work more closely with other professionals. In our case, we are in the house-buying niche, so many times realtors and house buyers believe they compete with each other. Further, many homeowners either dislike realtors or dislike house buyers because of unpleasant experiences. 

The way that we changed our approach in business to set us apart is that we provided multiple solutions for sellers. In all of our marketing material, we no longer made it strictly about providing cash offers, but rather, our marketing started to show that we can provide over three different solutions for homeowners to get their home sold. 

We found that by using this approach, homeowners were less reluctant to reach out to us and appreciated the fact that we were providing multiple options for them, and we could also monetize all the options to stay competitive as a business.

Sebastian Jania, CEO, Ontario Property Buyers

Community-Centric Virtual Tours

The strategy to highlight is “Community-Centric Virtual Tours.” In today’s digital age, traditional property listings and open houses are no longer enough to stand out in the crowded real estate market. To make a lasting impression, it’s necessary to offer potential buyers an immersive and unique experience that would not only showcase the properties but also connect them with the surrounding community.

We created interactive tours that showcased properties and the local community. Live virtual events featured businesses and leaders, fostering connections. User-generated content added authenticity, and social media boosted the reach.

This strategy has the potential to resonate with readers as much as it has transformed the real estate business.

Devraj Marigangappa, Marketing Head, Agrocorp Landbase Private Limited

Leveraging Technology for Seamless Connections

Utilizing technology to facilitate seamless connections between buyers and sellers and utilizing technology to create Beaconstac`s Digital Business card has been one of the most effective marketing strategies I have implemented in my real estate business. This approach not only streamlines the process, but also enhances the overall experience for both parties involved. 

By creating a website and utilizing social media, I could reach more potential customers and provide them with a hassle-free experience when searching for properties or listing their own. Additionally, by using SEO tactics and analytics, I could target potential clients who were more likely to be interested in my services and gain a competitive advantage over other real estate agents.

Patrick Grayson, Founder and CEO, Paramount Property Buyers

Crafting Compelling Home Stories

Purchasing a home is a significant, but personal, step. Everything changed when we realized this and began crafting compelling stories around each home, instead of simply listing the features. These narratives highlighted the unique history, architectural details, and lifestyle the property could offer. 

We also created engaging video tours, blog posts, and social media campaigns to share these stories and connect with potential buyers. This strategy set us apart because we were tapping into the emotional aspect of home-buying, allowing potential buyers to connect more deeply with a property and envision themselves living there. 

In a competitive market, our approach resulted in quicker sales and often even led to multiple offers, as buyers felt a genuine connection to the homes we represented.

Peter Lucas, Owner, Relocate to Andorra

Mortgage Broker Partnership for Referrals

As a mortgage broker, we partnered with other real estate businesses that operate in different stages of the home-buying journey, most importantly, realtors. 

We built lasting relationships with realtors so they could refer clients to us who had found a property and needed financing. In exchange, they could earn a referral fee and rest easy knowing their clients’ mortgage was in good hands.

Sam Hodgson, Digital Content Manager, Clifton Private Finance