Are you looking for the hottest homes on the market, but don’t know where to turn? Keep reading to learn about some of the best real estate websites on the internet.

In today’s world, a large part of every industry functions online. In real estate, 44% of home buyers first looked for their homes online.

Considering the busy lives of most modern families, who has time to drive around and search for properties anymore?

And, of course, the newspaper is all but obsolete these days. This means that the best real estate websites are helping realtors sell a lot of homes.

The best thing about real estate websites is that you use a filter to suit your needs. You no longer need to spend hours sifting through homes that don’t fit your criteria.  

If you’re looking for your next home, but don’t know where to start, check out this list of the 3 best real estate websites and listing services on the internet.

1. Trulia

Trulia has been around since 2005, making it longer running than much of its competition. This company particularly serves properties in the United States.

Users find it especially useful for all the data it compiles about its listings. You can find commuting details, crime statistics, nearby school information, and even details about local businesses.

The founders of the company created Trulia to eschew the out of date and inaccurate real estate information common at the time. They certainly exceeded their own expectations.

2. Zillow

The Zillow Group was founded in 2006, making it just one year younger than its Trulia competition. One interesting fact, however, is that Zillow recently acquired Trulia in a huge business deal.

Although these companies are now combined, they’re still completely separate brands. Some features on Zillow’s site are better for some users.

With Zillow, you can filter by listing types, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, lot size, year built, maximum Homeowners Association fees, days on Zillow, and other keywords.

Although Zillow’s interface is remarkably similar to Trulia’s, it’s best to use more than one platform when looking for the right property for your needs.

3. provides users with around three million listings to choose from. Not only can you choose between homes for sale and homes for rent, but also foreclosed homes, resold homes, and brand new homes.

Considering there are about 12 million users surfing every month, it’s clearly a popular option for good reason. Its interface is easy to use, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient user experience for busy homebuyers.

This website not only lets you filter for the essentials you desire but also the features. Are you looking for a home with a walk-in closet? At, you can search for just that.

The Best Real Estate Websites

It’s easy to find real estate websites through a basic Google search, but it’s a little more complicated to find the best real estate websites. These sites should have minimal ads and offer more information than just locations and prices.

You’ll want to visit websites that have great development, are well maintained, and contain the most listings. Luckily for you, those are listed above!

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