If you are the proud owner of a second home or property, odds are the thought of renting out your space has crossed your mind. Not only does it put your empty place to good use while you are away, it’s also a great source of added income. While the coronavirus pandemic has reduced the need for vacation rentals, longer-term rentals are in high demand and can provide homeowners a steady income and peace of mind. Consider these insider tips to prepare your home for renting and to draw potential renters to your door.

Use High-Quality Photos

You know your second home is a beautiful place to be. It’s probably why you purchased it! Help your potential renters see your home’s beauty by posting high-quality photos. Do your second home justice by ensuring your listing is using high-resolution photos, as these typically generate more success. Hiring a professional may seem daunting or costly, but once visitors begin flocking to your place, you’ll find this is a worthwhile investment.

Wording is Everything

Nick Calvi is the founder and CEO of Tweener Homes.

Just as photos will do your physical space justice, the way you describe your property will do the experience justice. While staying genuine is important, feel free to crack open your thesaurus and go wild. Encapsulate the journey your guests will be taken on while they stay at your place. Ensure them that their stay will be so miraculous, they will not want to leave. If long-term renters are your goal, don’t forget to mention the great schools in your neighborhood and any unique aspects to the area. The way you frame your home’s experience can truly make your listing stand out amongst others.

Cleanliness and Amenities Matter

Messy rooms bring nobody peace, and a dirty place is a sure turn away for many potential guests. Not only that, such grime could follow your listing into the future, as vocal reviewers may warn fellow travelers to steer clear! This mess can be avoided with a few simple steps. Double check that your rental property’s appliances and amenities – such as sinks, dishwasher, television, pool or stove –  are in great operating condition. It is also never a bad idea to check that your heating and air conditioning units are at peak performance. Once you have these checkboxes marked, treat your space to a thorough deep clean, performed either by yourself, your closest and most unwitting volunteer, or a hired service. 

It is easy to make sure everything on your end is up to standard, however, if you are concerned about rambunctious guests with destructive tastes, seek out rental companies that avoid such party animals. Renting is all about boundaries and it is especially okay to set this one. Tweener Homes is designed for families who are “in-between” permanent residences and need a rental home anywhere from one to 11 months. Rest assured you will not run into any “weekend warriors” with your rental.

Add Special Touches

Channel your inner golden host with your property by adding simple, yet impactful touches to your property. Tasteful decorations or chocolates on the pillow may seem insignificant but can keep your guests talking about your place for years to come – possibly even to other potential guests. You can also go the extra mile for your tenants by checking in with them occasionally throughout their stay. A home guide is a great special touch with a list of your favorite places to go nearby, and writing out instructions that will help the guest navigate your home like how the TV remote works, when garbage pickup or anything else you can add that will help make your guest immediately feel at home. This will also help reduce the need for them to contact you if they have a home guide reference to go to for answers.

Focusing on these small details can a huge difference in making your listing stand out amongst others. Whether you are looking to begin renting or searching to revamp your current rental, implementing any one of these tips can truly go a long way for your overall rental success.


Nick Calvi is the founder and CEO of Tweener Homes, the first technology-based real estate brokerage company devoted to assisting people in need of a fully furnished monthly home rental. Originally, Calvi is from Harvey, Illinois just south of Chicago. His business travels took him to Phoenix, where he fell in love with the “valley of the sun” and vowed to make it his home one day. That day came in 2008 when Calvi and his wife bought their first home in Gilbert. A year later, Calvi obtained his Arizona real estate license. Through personal and client experiences, he saw a need in the home rental market and in October 2018, he opened Tweener Homes to fill this need. To learn more, visit www.TweenerHomes.com.