When you’re trying to sell homes, it’s critical to appeal to all of the senses. And this means choosing the best home fragrances for the job. You want a potential buyer to step inside and love the smell!

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn about the top 5 smells that sell houses!

1. Citrus is One of the Best Choices

You can’t go wrong with a citrus scent. Whether you choose lemon or grapefruit, you’ll get a bright scent that lasts a long time. And if you’re showing a house for a few hours, you want a durable choice.

Set an essential oils diffuser on a side table or kitchen counter. Add water and a few drops of citrus oil. Within minutes, you’ll start to smell the pleasant zest of lemon or orange.

Another option includes cutting limes and lemons and placing them in a pot of water. Bring the pot to a boil, and then let it simmer. You’ll create a wonderful aroma throughout your home.

For a faster solution, add some drops of lemon oil to distilled water in a spray bottle. Before you greet your guests, mist the air in the room. You’ll see an instant transformation!

2. Try a Clean Scent to Impress Buyers

Nothing smells better than a room that’s fresh and clean. The smell of fresh linens can be nostalgic. And it’s easy to create without running a load through the dryer.

Try placing a candle with the scent of fresh linens or a sea breeze on the dining room table. Arrange some branches or decorative objects around it to build visual beauty, too. If you don’t want to bother with a candle, try an oil plug-in for an easy solution.

If you use cleaning products in your kitchen or bathroom, do so with a light touch. Too much of an abrasive cleaner can smell too intense. But a freshly-mopped floor or scoured sink will make the buyers know you care about the property.

The best air freshener for selling houses is a clean house. So take the time to remove the trash, dirty clothes, and old shoes. You’ll help the air quality and set the stage for a sale!

3. Sell Homes Fast with Vanilla

When it comes to 5 smells that sell houses, vanilla is a good call. Its sweet and creamy smell will enhance the atmosphere of any room. Vanilla also has a pure and clean smell that makes people feel optimistic.

Vanilla has been shown to keep people calm and reduce anxiety. This may be because the scent makes people nostalgic for childhood experiences. And for potential homebuyers, making the space relatable is a crucial step!

Consider lighting some vanilla candles and placing them on white table cloths. The white candles on white surfaces will create a clean and refined look. Add some fresh or artificial flowers to create a lovely arrangement that accentuates the room.

Vanilla can smell strong, so it’s best to use it on its own. In general, mixing too many scents can create an overwhelming result. Determine how many candles to burn or drops to use in your diffuser ahead of time.

4. Go with Cedar and Pine for a Cozy Scent

A warm and wintery smell can create the perfect cozy vibe. Grab some fresh pine sprigs and arrange them on your mantle. You’ll create decorative flair that smells good — and helps you sell homes.

What if you’re trying to sell a house with a fireplace? Help a prospective buyer set the scene with a pine or cedar scent. Drape a buffalo plaid throw on the nearest sofa or prop an antique sled nearby to build ambiance.

For the ultimate woodsy environment, burn a pine-scented candle. You could even make the candles yourself! And to go one step further, you can arrange a cluster of candles in front of the hearth.

Another option is to introduce some fresh rosemary into a room. Buy a potted rosemary plant and set it by the sign-in pad. You’ll create a good first impression when prospective buyers enter a home.

5. The Best Home Fragrances Keep Things Subtle and Natural

For a different approach, use organic cleaners before an open house or showing. You’ll want to clean the home before showing it off. So why not reach for a natural all-purpose cleaner?

Be sure to steer clear of cleaners with strong perfumes. More often than not, the smells from these cleaners are overpowering and artificial. Some carpet shampoos can be especially pungent — so test them out before using them.

Organic or plant-based cleaners tend to have a softer scent. Cleaners with bleach, by contrast, can smell like chemicals. If you stick with the organic options, you reduce the chance of producing too many heavy and harsh odors.

You can even make your own cleaner using water, lemon juice, and baking soda. You’ll get the same great cleaning results as you would with a store-bought cleaner. And you’ll be guaranteed to have a natural scent.

Real estate marketing with scent options can have a positive impact on business — if you choose wisely. Stick with a single scent and plan your approach in advance.

Choose the Best Home Fragrances

Selecting the right scents can make a lot of sense. You’ll stand a better chance of being able to sell homes if you create an inviting space where buyers want to linger. And stick with one scent to keep the aroma cleaner!

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