5 steps to becoming a real estate agent

Real Estate | 19 Jan, 2019 |

If you are wondering what is a real estate agent and whether you qualify to become one, this article will help you out. Anybody may become a Real Estate representative even without any university degree.

How to become a real estate representative

Licensing course

Different states have different licensing requirements. If you stay close to the border of a state or you always move to other states, think about getting licensed in all those states.

After you understand each of the state expectations, begin the real estate agent course. This program might require around $150 to $400.

Pre-license program

Each territory demands a pre-license program before asking to get licensed. The duration of this program differs per territory.

Pass your test

The exam for becoming a real estate agent might be difficult however there are materials which offer practice tests which people may revise to get ready for exams.

After performing well, ensure to take ongoing programs to enable you retain the license. Many Real Estate representatives additionally prefer getting specialty designations which give them the opportunity to advertise and direct their offers to all kinds of people. Some representatives consider joining the National Association of Realtors that lets them apply the title “Realtor”.

Look for a dealer and a company

Now that you possess the required real estate agent qualifications, look for an agency. Interview as many brokers as you can so that you know how they operate, their agency structure and the agent fee. The cost to begin your business can be around five thousand dollars. Representatives are supposed to purchase their personal signs, register at the local multiple listing services, signup for key access for lock boxes and purchase advertising collateral.

Agents are also required to pay some money to the brokerage who they work for. The similar technique is used in many new online slots that you can find on the web. Many at times that is a flat fee but sometimes it is a fraction of each scale. Ensure that every broker you talk to states the amount you will require to pay.

Besides all that, it is important to also ask a broker about any learning or mentoring offered by the agency. There are agencies which offer real estate agent walkthrough. They offer this through combining the existing representatives with the incoming ones during the initial deals. This assists in making their new agents understand how to negotiate properly with buyers.

Organize and monitor costs

Real Estate representatives are self-reliant workers who have several costs that need to be prepared and monitored. They include:

Signage: On your 1st listing, you will require custom signs that have your name. They cost between forty dollars and sixty dollars each. Besides that, one may require open house A-frame boards which cost around 100 dollars each.

Corporation fee: There will be yearly dues of between 300 dollars and 700 dollars.

Lockbox service: Listings keys are kept in lockboxes. Representatives are required to purchase both the box and the access service. The cost is between 300 dollars and 500 dollars each year and every box can cost around 100 dollars.

Other expenses include advertising and miscellaneous.

Also, an agent needs to monitor his/her taxes paperwork. You must also monitor your mileage, house utility bills and more. Also, since you work as a self-reliant employee, all commissions made can never get taxed. You will require QuickBooks self-employed software to monitor the payments, debts and to check the profits being made.


That is how to be a real estate agent which is one of the most rewarding career paths that keeps evolving.


Johnathan Rainworth is a reporter from Los Angeles, United States. He is a history enthusiast, enjoys hiking and traveling. Moreover, he is a freelance writer who likes to share pieces on different subjects with a broad variety of audiences.

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