5 tips for getting higher offers when selling your home

Real Estate | 28 Sep, 2020 |

House prices are on the rise in America, with the average home listing at $226,800.

If you’re selling your home, you’ll want the best price possible. 

Here are five simple tips for selling your home and achieving better offers. 

The Top Tips

Moving can be stressful, but before you even get there you have to sell your current property. Many people don’t realize but there are lots of things you can do to achieve higher offers from potential buyers. 

1. A Bit of TLC

Giving your home a lick of paint will make it look fresher and well kept. Taking care of those odd DIY jobs will also give you bonus points when buyers look around. 

Fix leaky taps, reseal the tub and clean your windows. Don’t forget about the outside of your property too. A good first impression works wonders and it’s made before potential buyers even set foot inside. 

A clean and tidy yard looks presentable and inviting. 

2. Have a Home Inspection

A home inspection will show that your home is up to scratch. If you’ve taken the time to smarten up and take care of those odd jobs buyers shouldn’t be tempted to be cheeky and low ball you. 

You could even consider bigger jobs that aren’t too costly or time-consuming which a home inspection might pick up on.

But if you do receive a low offer with potential issues in the property as the reason, a home inspection is your ammo to ask for more. 

3. Know Your Market

Choosing the best time to sell and knowing who you’re selling to is important. If there’s a low demand for homes in your area, you won’t get many offers. It’s a buyers market and they have the control.

Do your research online and see how quickly homes are selling close by. Look at the types of homes and think about the buyers that are purchasing them.

If you have an apartment in the city, don’t make it look like a family home. If you’re in the suburbs with schools close by, your market is probably a family. 

4. Preparation

Once you know who your selling to, make your home appealing to them. Staging and preparing to sell your home can have a big impact. 

Clear away your clutter and turn that spare room into a home office or nursery.

5. Go It Alone

Real Estate is big business, especially for realtors. Most people will use a realtor to advertise and manage the sale of their home. 

But commission fees for realtors can be a staggering 5 or 6% of your sale price. With an average listing of $226,800, that’s a fee of around $13,000!

Selling your home without a realtor can be tough but it will save you a huge amount of cash.

Now You Know How to Get a Better Price When Selling Your Home!

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