March 14, 2018

AZ Business Magazine

DeLex Realty and US Preferred announce merger

As of March 7, DeLex Realty, a local Phoenix brokerage firm, has absorbed US Preferred Realty, Inc., a brokerage firm with upwards of 400 agents. As one, the company is even better positioned to offer real estate agents the best support program to help them become the most successful agents in the community. 

“US Preferred has been a leader in the industry for years, with them we are showcasing how independent brokerages can compete with the large brokerages in the valley,” says DeLex Realty President Daniel McCarthy and TV host of Last Home Standing. “We are a brokerage designed for the future of real estate agents and it’s our deep commitment to their success that is making us so desirable to real estate agents.”

 In just the past three years alone, more than 300 agents have joined DeLex Realty thanks to this mission of providing the tools that allow agents to make more money and become more successful. With the acquisition of US Preferred, an additional 400 agents will become part of the DeLex Realty team, as well as the retention of former US Preferred personnel including Gary Quenneville as DeLex Designated Broker and Tina Powers as Chief Experience Officer of DeLex. 

With this purposefully designed format, DeLex Realtors are positioned to better serve their clients’ needs and McCarthy notes that this merger is among the first of many to come.  Along with being the first brokerage firm to bring virtual reality into the real estate industry, making the DeLex Realty system technology as easy and user-friendly as Facebook, DeLex strives to measure its success with continued growth and is actively seeking more independent brokers. 

“We want to acquire more independent brokers for long-term united growth, and this merger is a sign of things to come,” adds McCarthy.  This transition for US Preferred is one of the largest residential real estate brokerage merges in Arizona history; “What DeLex is doing in real estate is something I feel like our agents need to be apart of, DeLex is the future of real estate and we have always been innovators in the industry”