Gainey Ranch Community's $1M Facelift To Maintain Oasis Image

Residential Real Estate | 16 Oct, 2012 |

The 640-acre community of Gainey Ranch is currently undergoing $1M in renovations this year to update and maintain its oasis image and resort style.

gainey ranchVisitors and residents will see new monuments, a greener landscape and a new logo. The renovations will occur in multiple phases, says Jim Funk, the executive director of the Gainey Ranch Community Association, with the first phase expected to be complete by December 2012.

The new designs feature palms, lush planting and a sustainable irrigation system that will gainey ranchmaximize water efficiency, Funk says. “We’re continuing to build on the original concept as an oasis.

“It’s a whole new look,” he adds. “A lot of it is centered around landscaping that is environmentally sensitive and water sensitive.”

The new logo features the letters “GR” created to look like a branding iron, a throwback to gainey ranchGainey Ranch’s history as an Arabian horse farm. The logo was a collaborative effort of the homeowner’s association at Gainey Ranch, Funk adds.

These new renovations have been in the works for two years and were jump-started to give Gainey Ranch a new image and feel so as to appeal to investors, according to Funk. “We have one of the best locations in the Scottsdale area, and after 20 years, the landscape is getting a little bit long in the tooth.”

Gainey Ranch has about 2,500 residents and a mix of 545 condominiums, 490 single family homes and commercial space. They also have security, a mix-use building called the Estate Club, which hosts concerts, has a swimming pool, tennis courts and a fitness facility. The fitness equipment and the security building will also be updated.

The Gainey Ranch Community Association has been working closely with the 27-hole golf course, the physical center of the community, and the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa, Funk says. “We’re affecting the image, and we want to be seen as consistent. We’re all one entity.”

Gainey Ranch resident Karen Epstein has been living in the community for six years. She decided to move in because of the resort environment and the security it offered.

According to Epstein, there has been positive commentary and excitement regarding the renovations. “The update shows we’re a community interested in keeping current,” she says. “This is the place to live.”

For more information about Gainey Ranch, visit or call (480) 951-0321.

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