Homeowners Financial Group (HFG) has announced a new partnership with Prescott-based homebuilder Dorn Homes. The collaboration between the two companies will produce Dorn Mortgage. The new mortgage company will provide home financing services to all Dorn Homes buyers.

“We are excited about the partnership with Dorn Homes, whose track record and reputation for building homes in Arizona is stellar,” said R. Patrick Lamb, president of HFG. “Homeowners Financial Group prides itself on the service we provide to our borrowers and our homebuilder partners. Dorn’s confidence in our ability is a great compliment that we truly appreciate.”

HFG has more than 30 branches in 12 states and is licensed to do business in 28 states. Last year, HFG funded $1.44 billion of residential mortgages. The Scottsdale-based mortgage company was founded in 2004. HFG is committed to serving the needs of borrowers, while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family.

Dorn Homes has been building homes in Arizona for 50 years. As Northern Arizona’s largest homebuilder, it has neighborhoods in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Sedona, Cottonwood and will soon have homes in Wickenburg. Dorn Homes prides itself on not just constructing homes, they focus on creating neighborhoods and connecting people. 

“This union of our two companies is a win-win, “said Ellen Carpenter, COO of Dorn Homes. “This is an exciting next step in our futures. We are thrilled to partner with Homeowners Financial Group to give our buyers the best services possible.” 

For more information on Dorn Mortgage, visit www.dornmortgage.com