This time of year, families wanting to sell their home often face a dilemma: “Should I wait to list my home until after the holidays or should I sacrifice my holidays for the home sale?” During the holiday season, most people are busier than usual and can’t even consider adding traditional real estate’s complicated home sale process to their long to-do list. Unlike like in decades past, however, sellers can now conveniently sell their home during the holidays at the click of a few buttons and even continue to live there for months. A number of real estate tech startups, or iBuyers, can make an offer on a home in as fast as a couple days of the seller’s request. From there, the iBuyer can close the sale on the seller’s timeline. 

One major advantage to selling to an iBuyer instead of going the traditional real estate route is that sellers avoid home showings altogether. Especially this time of year, families want to be at home, they want to decorate the home the way they like, and they want to feel free to have family and friends over to share in the holiday spirit. Home selling families don’t want to schedule times away from home for viewings or add to their baking lists for the strangers walking through. They don’t want to worry about presents being stolen from under the tree or viewers’ muddy or wet shoes ruining their home’s floors. If they’re planning to be away for the holidays, they want to be enjoying their holiday travel plans away from home stresses and probably do not want to leave their home in the hands of real estate agents and house hunters. Home sellers now can circumvent this part of traditionally selling their home by selling directly to an iBuyer, no home tours needed.

Among the most streamlined and convenient options for consumers wanting to sell their home this holiday season is Offerpad. The Arizona-based real estate tech platform can conduct the majority of sellers’ home sales online or over the phone. No need to add real estate meetings to expanding to-do lists this holiday season. They handle all the details, so sellers can sit back and enjoy the yule log with loved ones instead of worrying about adapting their holiday observance to meet the demands of potential buyers.

After agreeing on a sale with Offerpad, selling families are free to move out when they’re ready. They can enjoy a flexible closing period that will keep them at home for up to three months after making the sale official. The home transaction can be done and taken care of before the holidays and the family can continue to live there until every last Christmas cookie is gone and they’re well into their New Year’s resolutions.

The holiday season is the time of year for all the best things. With innovative real estate options now available, there’s no need to let the season become overrun by the stresses of selling a home and sellers don’t have to wait until after the New Year to sell. Real estate tech companies today make their solutions the most convenient ways for families to sell their home during the holidays. They provide quick offers, can close in as little as a few days, and – in Offerpad’s case – it offers a large closing window that allows selling families to continue to enjoy the holidays in their existing home before moving. This holiday season iBuyers can streamline home sales and provide certainty and convenience wrapped in a big shiny bow.

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David Stephan serves as communications manager for Offerpad. With previous experience in a variety of industries including food services, athletics, transportation infrastructure and financial services, David manages Offerpad’s external communication efforts.