Since 2015, Offerpad has been committed to removing the challenges in the process of buying and selling homes. As the company evolves to providing additional solutions to customers, the brand is reaching a broader set of consumers. Led by Offerpad’s chief marketing officer Darrin Shamo, and in conjunction with OH Partners, the team began the journey earlier this year to help identify enhancements to properly convey where the company has been, and where the company will go.

Offerpad’s new brand identity is supported by a fully redesigned logo, website, and customer experience underpinned by defined core values. “Offerpad is a new business model and as the company is defining a new and easier way to buy and sell homes, we felt the need to make major changes to how our brand was being identified,” said Shamo. “We are a company with deep roots and expertise in real estate and technology, and every employee is passionate about helping our customers. We see homes, not houses. We see people, not transactions. Our new brand identity helps to showcase who we are at our core.”

Over the last decade, Offerpad’s leadership team has sat in thousands of living rooms and observed the many pain points people face when transacting through a real estate process. Three years ago, founders Brian Bair and Jerry Coleman saw the opportunity to provide a new and easier way to buy and sell homes. The duo launched Offerpad as a revolutionary real estate company that provides options to empower homeowners throughout the process of buying and selling a home.

“After months of deliberate research and speaking with real customers, we had a vantage point of what defines the company,” said Scott Harkey, president, OH Partners. “It was clear that passion and dedication were the cornerstones of Offerpad’s culture, and their industry experience provides the backbone for success. With newly minted core values and an expanded and revised mission, the brand’s new identity will showcase what they do best, helping people move freely.”

With Offerpad, homeowners no longer need to stress about when or for what their house will sell, they won’t have to deal with strangers in their home, and Offerpad will take on the responsibility of any necessary renovations to make a home buyer-ready. Sellers have peace of mind within 24-hours by receiving a purchase offer and by selecting a closing date that best aligns with their needs. Buyers are provided flexibility when looking to purchase an Offerpad home through the company’s Instant Access feature; interested buyers can tour a listed home at their convenience and directly provide an offer, without any pressure.

Following completion of working with Offerpad, those who elected to partake in a post-sell survey selected “skipping the normal home-selling headaches” as the number one reason they chose Offerpad. The company holds a NPS score of 85 and earned a CSAT of 94 percent.

“As a first responder I work crazy hours and Offerpad worked so well with my schedule. They were fast and prompt with communication and I never felt like I was in the dark. Offerpad’s first-class team and efficient process helped me close in 18 days. Start to finish, I’d rate them an A+,” said Offerpad customer and Davenport Police Officer, Paul Francisco.

Last month, the company closed an additional round of $150 million in new equity and debt financing – bringing a total of $410 million raised in equity and debt within the last 16 months. Offerpad will use most of the funds to help provide more certainty and convenience to people by purchasing more homes.

To experience Offerpad’s newly launched identity visit the new website.