Vote for Homie signs become a disruptive force

Real Estate | 17 Oct, 2018 |

Bright teal “Homie for Senate” signs have mysteriously appeared around the Valley, creating interest and curiosity. Visitors to the domain can see that Homie, a disrupter in the real estate space, is on a mission to save Arizonans $1 billion in real estate fees and commissions. This time of year, politicians compete to determine how to spend tax payer dollars, but Homie’s “teal party” is giving money back to Arizonans. With politics being so divisive, Homie’s light, unconventional approach and message is something all Arizonans can get behind.

Customers save over $10,000 on average when selling their home with Homie’s technology and team of licensed real estate agents. The magnitude of savings is so impactful, Homie found a bold way to share the message to millions of homeowners in Phoenix. Homie’s CEO, Johnny Hanna shared, “There are a lot of campaign promises and signs this time of year, but few promise the type of change that actually impacts Arizonans’ pocketbooks and bank statements. We are challenging the status quo to save Arizonan’s thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and fees; that’s real change. ”

Homie is a technology company and licensed real estate brokerage in Arizona and Utah. Homie gives Arizonans an alternative to traditional real estate agents with a low flat fee for sellers and up to a $5,000 refund for buyers. The company rapidly grew in Utah and recently launched in Arizona with plans to expand nationwide.

Johnny adds, “We encourage the people of Arizona to get out and vote for the real senate candidate of their choice, and when they are buying or selling a home, we’d like them to “vote” to use Homie.”

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